Meet the DU Crew


Nate Justiss

Industrial Designer + Sailor
While Nate has extensive knowledge of manufacturing, materials and what it takes to get a product made, perhaps his most valuable asset is the way he approaches the design of each product – he questions all assumptions relating to a product which often leads to unique and innovative solutions. Nate studied industrial design at Auburn University, and has since brought to market numerous designs receiving reddot Design and iF Product Design awards. He’s the first one in the office to buy the next new gadget; he’s also the first one to disassemble, dissect, and destroy it. At any given moment, you’re likely to find Nate very near if not in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lindsay Windham

Graphic Designer + Printer
Lindsay has a discerning eye and years of experience in packaging design, graphic design, copywriting and brand management. After graduating from the College of Charleston in Biology, Lindsay was a researcher at the MUSC Physiology and Neuroscience laboratory. Lucky for the rats, Lindsay has turned her talent for process and writing away from experiments and instead toward products and marketing. She is the oldest of the team, and also the wisest and most funny. Her more artsy whims have been part of numerous exhibitions at the Redux Contemporary Art Gallery where her print studio is. She bikes. She blogs. She’ll make you some tea.


Founded in late 2011, Distil Union is a micro-collective of two designers having fun (and working hard) creating solutions to real-life problems. In our years as designers at Philips Electronics and Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, we worked on literally hundreds of products together, mainly Apple accessories. But design is just one teeny part of those companies… We've started our own design company that also develops and delivers the products that we want to see on the shelves. Huzzah!

We believe design is about creating a better user experience

The products we love are easy to use. They make us smile with an unexpected functionality or mix of materials. They have integrity, and often there’s a compelling story behind them. We can't wait to bring our products to the market, and to share with you the stories behind them.