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Meet the DU Crew



Nate Justiss

Industrial Designer + Sailor
While Nate has extensive knowledge of manufacturing, materials and what it takes to get a product made, perhaps his most valuable asset is the way he approaches the design of each product – he questions all assumptions relating to a product which often leads to unique and innovative solutions. Nate studied industrial design at Auburn University, and has since brought to market numerous designs receiving reddot Design and iF Product Design awards. He’s the first one in the office to buy the next new gadget; he’s also the first one to disassemble, dissect, and destroy it. At any given moment, you’re likely to find Nate very near if not in the Atlantic Ocean.


Lindsay Windham

Graphic Designer + Printer 
Lindsay has a discerning eye and a wide range of experience in packaging design, graphic design, copywriting and brand management. After graduating from the College of Charleston in Biology, Lindsay was a passionate researcher at the MUSC Physiology and Neuroscience laboratory – and in her free time, enjoyed nothing more than designing record covers and merchandise for bands. Her personal design vibe is a mix of handcraft and wabi-sabi realness – with a dash of humor. Ultimately, it's an eye for authenticity that she brings to DU. She is the oldest of the team, and also the wisest and most funny. She bikes. She blogs. She’ll make you some tea.


Together, we believe design is about creating a better user experience

Founded in late 2011, Distil Union is a micro-collective of two designers having fun (and working hard) creating solutions to real-life problems. In our years as designers at Philips Electronics and Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, we worked on literally hundreds of products together, mainly Apple accessories. But design is just one teeny part of those companies… We've started our own design company that also develops and delivers the products that we want to see on the shelves. Huzzah!

The products we love are easy to use. They make us smile with an unexpected functionality or mix of materials. They have integrity, and often there’s a compelling story behind them. We can't wait to bring our products to the market, and to share with you the stories behind them. 

And last but not least, as designers we quite literally couldn't run a business without the help of our fearlessly friendly teammates: 

Rebecca Pollett 
Customer Excellence

As a lion-tamer – I mean mother of three, Rebecca wields a level of patience and wisdom beyond anyone we've ever met. She's also the nicest person ever – and those who have been helped by Rebecca swear they can hear her smile through the screen.

Best childhood memory: Family vacations.
What do you like doing in your spare time? With 3 kids, when I actually have spare time, I like to do projects around the house or catch up on sleep!
What's your spirit animal? Swan (hahaha! The funny thing is that I had a swan chase me when I was little, so I've always been nervous around them.)
Your happy place: Beach or just enjoying a quiet morning at a good coffee shop. My favorite is Due South Coffee Roasters!
Favorite color: Aqua

Joe Ruscito
Stockist Support

Like most professional kiteboarders, Joe loves thrills – and has an MBA and BS in Mechanical Engineering to prove it, which means he always has the best stories at parties. If you reach out to our "sales department" then it's Joe you're talking with. You lucky duck.

Who would play you in a movie? James Bond.
What do you like doing in your spare time? Flying various things.
Do you collect anything? Hobbies.
Your happy place: The sky.
Farthest away you've traveled: Sri Lanka.   
What's your spirit animal? According to this quiz, I guess it’s a butterfly?
Something about you we'd be surprised to know… Well, I was surprised I’m a butterfly.

Brian Stetson
Awesome Manager

With a BFA in Photography and years of logistics and supply chain experience in the craft beer world, Brian is able to step into pretty much any random task we can throw at him – which may or may not include prohibition-era cocktail requests.

What's your favorite food? Condiments. And cereal.
What do you like doing in your spare time? Cooking and photography.
Something about you we'd be surprised to know… I am an award winning Gobo designer.
Pet peeve: Pronouncing the “t” in Often.
Your happy place: Anywhere on a perfect Spring afternoon!
Favorite movie quote: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller's Day Off