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What's a Distil Union?

distill | dis-til | (Brit. distil) verb 

1 to purify or extract the essence of something.
2 to extract the essential meaning or most important aspects thereof.

Our design philosophy Get to the essence of a problem and solve it with design that’s simply useful, attractive and considered.

Our incentive to innovate comes from our desire to create objects that people love. In our approach to design, we strive to make products that are simply useful, attractive and considered. A truly compelling product enhances your life by creating a better user experience without being intrusive or overly complicated. We find ourselves drawn to the things that stand out from the crowd – not because they’re loud or fancy or covered in bells and whistles (gross). Instead, they’re thoughtfully designed, expertly executed and drop-dead desirable.


union | y-onyən | noun

1 the action or fact of joining or being joined.
2 a state of harmony or agreement.
3 an organized association of workers.

How we've joined together We're rolling up our sleeves and getting to work as a team.

As members of DLO, a small lifestyle company which was acquired by the global giant Philips Electronics, we gained the immeasurable experience of bringing literally hundreds of products to market. Not always satisfied with the process or the result, the two of us have joined together on a mission – with our remarkable body of knowledge, over a decade of combined experience, plus our passion to CREATE – Distil Union exists so that we can do what we love everyday and bring badass products to the entire universe!

Both distil and union have a blue-collar / DIY / make-your-own-moonshine vibe that resonates with us. From our live/work space in the heart of downtown Charleston to the hands-on approach we've taken to building this company from the ground up – after working in the big-box retail industry for years, it feels right to be doing things a new way. A different way. Our way.