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Snooze App


iPhone clock display and alarm app

Snooze is the minimal clock-display and alarm app developed for our Snooze Dock to turn your iPhone into your dream bedside alarm clock.

Start every day with a better wake-up experience by easily snoozing your alarm – just slap the top of your Snooze Dock! Plus, snooze smarter by customizing the length of your snooze to suit your sleep cycle – use the traditional 9-minute snooze, or adjust it by minute increments for a shorter or longer snooze. Brought to you by the bright team at Light Pillar.

  • iPhone Alarm Clock App
    • Sleek display turns your iPhone into a clock
    • Dim the brightness with a simple swipe right-left or up-down
    • Customize the length of time you want to snooze for each alarm 
    • Easily set multiple alarms with the intuitive interface
    • Free -- and free of ads! Plus a variety of in-app purchases to customize your experience

    Get Snooze App support on our Support Page

  • Design is about improving experiences. For our first product, we tackled the first this-could-be-better experience of the day: waking up with our iPhones. Beyond Snooze the alarm clock dock giving your iPhone a home and a slappable snooze bar, we wanted to create a complete bedside-clock experience – and the Snooze App does just that. 

    How is Snooze App different from the others?
    A dimmable horizontal display was a no-brainer, and so was an intuitive user interface. But to make our app stand out in the sea of alarm apps, we enabled the accelerometer -- so when paired with our Snooze alarm dock, a quick tap or sleepy-eyed whack of the big snooze bar does the trick to silence your alarm! You can also select the duration of your snooze, which is a small but oh-so-handy feature to help you snooze smarter

    We also hired local Charleston songsmith Josh Kaler to compose a range of alarm sounds. From charming ukelele to shredding electric guitars, he's created an alarm that you'll either love or hate, depending on what it takes to shake you from your slumbers... There are plenty more audio and clock display options available in the shop within the Snooze App.
  • Get Snooze App support on our Support Page

    Can I exit the Snooze app when I go to sleep?

    Unfortunately no, not if you want to snooze. Pushing your iPhone's Home or Power button will exit the app, and your alarm will only sound once as a notificiation. Only when running the Snooze App will you have full snooze and alarm functionality, so leave Snooze running and simply swipe to dim the screen. Set your alarm and let Snooze stay awake – it's the only way to avoid oversleeping!

    Can I switch my iPhone to silent/vibrate?
    Yes! You can silence your iPhone or even enter "Do Not Disturb" mode and still be reliably awakened. Just remember to keep Snooze running while you catch some Zzzzzz...

    Do other alarm apps work with Snooze
    Yes! The native iPhone Clock app works like a dream, as does Touch LCD. Developed by our friends at Light Pillar in the UK, Touch LCD is a talking alarm clock with a retro vibe and features galore that make it well worth the $1.99. Also, alarm apps that allow snoozing by pressing one of the volume buttons, such as Alarm Clock Music (free) – just be sure you've activated the option to snooze with volume buttons.

    Support: Troubleshooting
    - Verify you're using the correct version of the app: Snooze by DistilUnion.
    - Ensure you're selecting AM or PM correctly as needed.
    - And last but not least: uninstall the app and restart your iPhone. Reinstall the app. 
    If this doesn't work, please visit our App Support Page or contact us and we'll put you in touch with our developers.