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Meet the newest Unioneer: Raymond Loewy!

Backstory: I recently discovered my love of avocados, and with that my love of sprouting their pits. The thing is, nothing looks more sad than a bald avocado pit stabbed and sitting on your windowsill, so Nate and I decided to stir things up a bit with one of his favorite loves: Fish! We took a trip to the nearest pet store and marveled at the wide array of Bettas. 

This fancy "Elephant Ear Halfmoon Male Betta" was impressive, sure, but a blue/green fish simply isn't on brand for Distil Union. Also, he was well out of our price range of $4. We kept looking until we locked eyes with a zippy little red Veiltail, grabbed some food and a small aquarium plant, and skipped home. Nate already has some basic aquarium supplies (read: sand), so I stepped aside and let the experienced aquarist do his thing.

It was torture waiting for the water to reach room temp and equalize with what our fish was already living in, but Nate said it'd be worth the wait (read: better than having a dead new fish). Finally, the wait was over! Nate poured him into his new home and we had our first living mascot! Dieter the Deer is cool and all, but now there's a little life depending on us to remember to feed him and take him out of the windowsill before the morning sun boils his home. Responsibility: Yes we can. And just look at that on-brand face!

A few days later, the avocado pit is sprouting its roots and our fishy friend has a name: Raymond Loewy. He's considered the father of industrial design, as well as the "father of streamlining" due to his unmistakably sleek aesthetic. You may remember in November of 2013 when the Google Doodle was in honor of his 120th birthday:

We also featured Mr. Loewy on our blog back in November! We're enjoying Loewy's zen-like presence here on our desk. When he's not chilling in the fern leaves or up underneath the avocado pit, he's zipping around and picking fights with our pointing fingers. Behold this Avanti sketch, which is pretty much exactly what Loewy looks like as he zips around his watery living room:


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