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Lindsay's Everyday Carry #EDC

Here it is, what I carry each and every day in my it-was-made-this-way dirty tote bag by The Made Shop. Not pictured: I'm often carrying in my hands a mason jar of iced tea with a Cuppow lid (to be inevitably featured on our Instagram this summer).... I digress. Drumroll please, let's breakdown this bag --

  • Vintage Wallet in stingray leather from JLINSNIDER
  • Apple Earbuds with cable-management wrap made from Wally scraps ;) 
  • Keys with rad horse-hair fob by Tin Cup 
  • Bottle Opener because. Beer.
  • Solid Perfume No. 17 by Simpatico
  • Lip and Cheek Stain by Captain Blankenship
  • Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking by Revlon (for nights when a stain just ain't enough)
  • Wally Sleeve in brown leather for sample testing (!)... Love it for my business cards.
  • iPhone 4S with Wally, so I've always got my ID, debit card and a business card. Always.
  • One of my many Baggus... You can't have too many -- I stash them everywhere!
  • ORP Bike Horn for my daily commute. Safety first -- plus a friendly horn sound 
  • iPod mini with atrocious battery life #dontcare
  • Little things kept tidy in a money bag from an antique mall in MN 
So, now it's your turn on this show-and-tell Tuesday -- what's in your EDC?

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