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Why are there so many wallets on Kickstarter?

If you've ever wondered why there's so many dang wallets on Kickstarter, Nitsuh Abebe does a beautiful job exploring the many reasons in this article -- and you bet we woulda chimed in if they'd asked us about Wally!

Having designed Apple-centric products for the past 7 years, Wally Bifold was the first step outside of our familiar comfort zone. The iPhone-compatible Wallys were pleasing folks left and right, so why not make a version that can stand alone?! After all, minimizing what you carry every day is a desire that extends far beyond just iPhone fans. And not to mention the appeal of creating a product that doesn't require an update every year or two... So designing the simplest wallet possible that employs pull-tab functionality was a natural evolution for Wally -- and for Distil Union.

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