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Reading about design

We're both stoked to get our hands on the August issue of Entrepreneur, featuring an interview with Yves Béhar. Products by his design studio Fuseproject have made their way onto many of our moodboards – you may recognize the Puma Clever Little Bag

...and the Jawbone Jambox (we have the red one, of course)

Check Amy Cosper's Editor's Note
"We, as humans and entrepreneurial spirits, are inspired by beautiful design even when we are unaware that we are being inspired. Whether created by nature or by the hands of Homo sapiens, beautiful objects elicit a certain something -- a deep breath, a fleeting moment of pleasure. It's a serenity that can and often does lead to a minute or two of contemplation and perhaps a burst of creativity. And all of that leads to the force that drives entrepreneurial endeavors: innovation. In this issue we celebrate design -- everything from the cool items that add beauty and make your life easier to today's fashion-forward (and business-forward) offices."

Chills. Design, we celebrate you!

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