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Featured Review: Mr. Dabney gets his hands on our Wally Bifold for you

Wallets. There are lots of them out there to choose from – especially minimal wallets, which are understandably all the rage. Currently, our Wally Bifold is only available on our webstore; our Amazon stock has sold out. So, what if you're the kind of person who likes to get your hands on one before you buy it?! Want to touch the wallet... We can talk about Wally all day, but sometimes you want an outside opinion. And lucky for you, there are some amazing bloggers out there who are doing the hard work for ya -- here's a favorite hands-on, this time from Vaughn Dabney over at Mr. Dabney. Thank goodness for a virtual try-before-you-buy.

On the outside of the wallet, there is a nylon strap cleverly peeking out of each side. When it is pulled, it raises the contents of what’s inside the pocket! I love it. I keep my credit cards and license on one side with business cards on the other. When I pull out my wallet now, I take my time so people can see just how genius this is…no really.  

Score one for you, impressing friends and strangers alike with some subtle wallet magic! The dual-pocket organization was improved when we updated the Bifold design with one red and one black ribbon – this way you can tell at a glance which pocket is which. Being able to manipulate the existing materials to enhance functionality without adding even a hint of complexity feels really good.

We also spy a feature request: A clear window for showing your ID. We hear you on this – a feature we noticed on other wallets when in the development phase, but decided against for Wally. Ultimately a window adds non-essential functionality that we deemed not worth the complexity: A window on the inside isn't possible because of the pull-tab construction, and a window on the outside would add a function that not everyone needs or wants to the detriment of the wallet's aesthetic. It's simple and intuitive enough to pull the ribbon to present your ID, keeping the design clean and your contents totally undercover. Here we've applied two of renowned industrial-designer Dieter Rams' Ten Principles of Good Design: "3. Good design is aesthetic" and "10. Good design is as little design as possible." All of this being said, if an ID window is a must for you, then Wally is not for you – and we're grateful that Vaughn points this out in his review. 

Something especially nice (to us, anyway) about Mr. Dabney's experience which he shared in his post: he discovered our Wally Bifold on Amazon – which is no small feat, as there are a few wallets on Amazon. And then he did the leg work to research Distil Union before making his purchase. He noticed we're a tiny team, and sounds like he was impressed by our live/work space here in Charleston (we've moved up the street since then, we think he'd be even more impressed with our NEW space!). 

Do you do that when you find a product you like – dig a little deeper to find the scoop or the story behind it? I know we do, which is why Nate and I are building Distil Union the way we are! Sometimes it is that extra layer behind a product or brand that makes the difference, makes a personal connection. We've since been in touch with Vaughn and can't wait to share more DU gear for his feedback. So be sure follow him for other DU hands-on reviews, as well as other great articles and product giveaways. Three cheers for making personal connections with fellow persons!

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