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Feature Friday: Snooze on

Recently we were beyond delighted to see the Distil Union Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock featured in Refinery29's list of 12 Smart Home Buys You Didn't Know You Needed.

"When it comes to smart technology, why limit your options to a telephone? Swap just one or two items in your home — for a sleeker, smarter model, and you're on your way to simpler, more streamlined living." 

Simpler, more streamlined living? Yes, please! Why not apply some of the conveniences we enjoy from the devices our pockets to the homes that we inhabit!? At the same time, let's make our devices fit a bit more seamlessly into our lives – something we're particularly passionate about as designers here at Distil Union.

Like a lot of folks, we use the alarm on our iPhones to wake up in the morning. Typical speaker docks take up too much space, and other iPhone docks didn't offer the basic must-have functionality of a bedside dock: A simple snooze bar. So we set out to design the ideal bedside stand that would turn an iPhone into the alarm clock of your dreams!

Snooze iPhone Alarm and Clock Dock 
Refinery29 highlights Snooze's design inspiration, Eames and Braun. Made of solid Maple with a rubber top, Snooze is designed to improve your waking-up experience in a number of ways. Snooze gives your iPhone a proper home on your nightstand in a footprint no bigger than the iPhone itself. Gone are the days of a sleepy swat sending your iPhone soaring off your table and onto the floor – or worse, accidentally turning off your alarm instead of simply snoozing like you wanted (been there, done that – so sorry I'm late!). Just like the alarm clocks you remember, hitting the top of Snooze activates iPhone's snooze function, so you can roll over for a few more Z's. (Mind you, DU can't be held responsible for your tardiness due to over-snoozing).

A small detail that makes a big difference: a pass-through on the back holds your charging cable in place. Now instead of falling behind your furniture, your iPhone cable is right there where you need it when your head's ready to hit the pillow after a long day's work. And the Snooze App turns your iPhone into a dimmable clock display, allowing your iPhone to do double-duty as your bedside timepiece. 

We're so proud to see Snooze chosen as part of such a good-looking collection of helpful tech for your home. For the Distil Union live/work space, you bet we're drooling over Ring the HD video doorbell that works remotely, and the sleek, high-tech Hyde Clamp Light controlled via Bluetooth (plus, it just looks rad). Check out the slideshow to see what they had to say about Snooze (SPOILER ALERT: they said eye-catching *swoon*) and learn a dozen more ways you can raise your home's tech cred! 

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