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Two is always better than one! Meet Wally Duo

Amidst the Cyber Monday craziness last week, we introduced a new Wally to the world:
The remarkably reversible Wally Duo! 

The first spark for Wally Duo happened when Lindsay's dad, Mr. John, shared with us how he hacked his Wally Bifold. [Sidenote: Both of our fathers are mechanical engineers, so we're used to seeing our gifts dismantled – it just means we got 'em something they really liked.] He loved the pull-tab that lifted his cards out, but was used to his old "wallet" that was just a piece of leather about the size of a dollar bill. The simplicity of all his cards and cash being folded together into one space appealed to him, and the leather was a classy upgrade from the rubber band "wallet" he carried for years.

It's true, plenty of men we spoke with while developing Wally used things like bulldog clips or rubber bands for their wallets. It's like Office Max has been making wallets this whole time – and lots of men are perfectly happy with making do. But the truth is, lots of these men haven't been in a position to discover something better. A minimal wallet with both functionality and style. 

That's when the second spark was lit – could one wallet work for all these minimalist men? Something simple yet stylish across their changing tastes, entire wardrobe, all four seasons and their fashion mood swings? [Not that our dads have fashion mood swings.] What if Wally was reversible? But hold on, is a reversible leather wallet even possible?! Maybe that's why we've never seen one before. The only reversible wallets that came to mind are the Jacob's Ladder opens-either-way wallets, which are fun, yes, but not truly reversible – they just open from either the left or the right. What about something more, well, stylish and modern...

So Nate dissected wallets. He dissected Wallys. The Wally Sleeve is our most minimal design, and with just a slight modification, the ribbon can be threaded through to the opposite side. Then, the inside becomes the outside. Minds. Blown. The simplified construction and pull-tab functionality make Wally Duo slimmer than any wallet you've tried before. 

We created an animated gif to help get the idea of Duo's reversible functionality across, but you really have to see this guy in person – Wally Duo is now available for the holidays! With Wally Duo, there's twice as much to love in a wallet literally half the size. The added surprise of reversibility makes it a fun and easy choice for gifts this holiday season and beyond.

Many thanks to the Charleston Digital Corridor for helping us get the word out about Wally Duo!

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