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Feature Friday: Gotta Be Mobile Gives 2 Wallys Some Love

This week we'd like to share not just one but two features from Their hands-on with one of the very first Wally Cases for iPhone 6 out there is an honest and insightful write-up based on their experience using Wally Case. Photos courtesy of GottaBeMobile:

"This iPhone 6 wallet case is a steal at $49.99, offering a higher end look than cases that rely on plastic and delivering a minimal footprint that does not require a flap to cover the screen and end up getting in the way of regular use." – Josh Smith,

Josh gets it. So many wallet cases are either a plastic case with an additional plastic compartment (read: bulky), or they're a wallet wrapped around a case (read: also bulky, plus awkward).

There's nothing that we anxiously await more than a hands-on review from a person who has actually been using Wally Case – and Josh's informative post is a reassuring read not just for us as eager-to-please designers, but also if you're new to considering a Wally Case for your new iPhone 6. Hint: Wally Case is minimal, and not for everyone – Lifeproof fans are better off with a Wally Stick-On on top of their favorite ballistic-grade case for additional slim wallet functionality. And if you're looking to replace your 10-card wallet, you'll be sorely disappointed with Wally Case's minimal capacity –

"With room for three cards, the case still stays thin and allows fast access to the cards with a pull out tab. Distil Union makes one of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases you’ll find. The slim design, ability to hold enough cards and handy tab system is easily worth the price."

What Josh said. We're sending him a fruit basket.

But that's not all. GottaBeMobile also ranked Wally Stick-On their #1 iPhone 6 Plus Wallet. We can't make this stuff up, folks. And we couldn't be happier to part of one of GBM's helpful roundups! The iPhone 6 Plus is big, there's no getting around that fact. So adding functionality without bulk is a tall order (literally). It doesn't get much more functional and minimal than Wally Stick-On

"This design makes it look like you are simply using a leather back for the iPhone 6 Plus."

Like I said. Fruit basket. 

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