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We're on Board with the Promise of Apple Pay

(Photo source: Business Week)

Just like the weather, everyone has an opinion about Apple Pay. Will the retailers embrace it and update their pay stations? Will it be secure? What privacy concerns are there? Is it really easier to use than your debit or credit card? It's clear that Apple Pay is a new concept that not everyone can grasp (like this lawmaker, bless his heart).

As the debates and discussion continue, from our perspective, Apple Pay (and other card-less payment systems) is a significant win for consumers: It means less stuff for us to carry with us everyday. The vision for our Wally Wallets is to minimize the everyday carry we need to haul around. If you're able to make purchases with Apple Pay and no longer need to bring along your physical credit cards and debit cards, that is a major win! 

"Apple Pay certainly captures our imaginations as consumers. Who wouldn’t like the idea of leaving their wallet at home? But the problem is, you still cannot leave home without your wallet. The Apple Pay readers are not yet at all universally available. How successful can Apple Pay be, with only a limited number of retailers accepting the mobile phone payments?" –Steve Shear,

We get it. Apple Pay is new, and not all stores are equipped. But it absolutely captures our imaginations because already Wally has made leaving wallets at home a reality for so many smartphone users! So, if there's Apple Pay, what do you need Wally for? Try your ID, subway card, passkeys to get into a workplace, hotel keys, credit cards not supported by Apple Pay (for example, store-brand cards)... Ultimately, as the popularity of Apple Pay increases, even more of us will find it that much easier to walk away from the fat wallets we're so used to carrying. 

And Apple Pay is already proving to be better at paving the way for the mobile wallet than other cardless systems like Google, so here's hoping Apple Pay is only the beginning. And while iPhone 5 users aren't invited to the Apple Pay party, you bet there are Wallys for iPhone 5, making a wallet-free life a very possible reality for Wally users.

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