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Stick-On and the Art of the Right Adhesive

We're pretty proud of our Wally Stick-On for iPhone. It's the thinnest way to get a wallet onto the back of your iPhone. Sure the Argentine leather looks incredibly handsome, but a key component in product development for Wally is the Stick-On adhesive. It has to be just right. Too sticky, and it leaves a residue on the back of your phone when you remove it. Not sticky enough, and it can peel off before you want it too. And that's just the side that touches your iPhone – the flipside that adheres to the leather has totally different requirements altogether! The right adhesive... well, it's a bit of art and we've been listening to feedback and refining since 2013 – and we've just about nailed it. 

The very first Wally on Kickstarter used micro-suction, which isn't technically an adhesive at all. Pros: It can be "cleaned" of lint, and it just sounds cool. Cons: It's picky about what it can and can't stick to, and we wanted Wally to work with cases, too! So included in the Kickstarter as a stretch-goal option was a bonus panel of true adhesive we named Alternahesive

The great thing about Alternahesive is that it works on a much wider range of cases – so if you already have a case you love for looks or for protection, you can use Wally Stick-On right on top for added wallet functionality to your case! With the exception of wood, fabric and bulky battery cases (more info about that in our FAQ), Alternahesive works on cases just like it does on the back of the phone. If you're using a popular iPhone shell-style case or slick TPU case, give it a try. We're confident you'll be impressed with our well-crafted Wally.

On the second run, we were still getting a few reports about hesitant Wallys (did you know the back of a brand new iPhone is hard for pretty much anything to stick to?). So we worked with 3M to really push the adhesive to its limits – a bit stronger grip yet still cleanly removable.

Currently Wally's on his third run, and he's our best Wally yet! The leather has been evolving all this time, too, based on feedback and experience – and believe me, that's an entire post we'll save for another day... We're just excited to share with the world Wally Stick-On's unique ability to add a secret wallet right onto the back of your iPhone or case. And yep, Recharge Packs are available if you should ever need 'em – add a new sheet right on top of your old one and your like-new Wally is good to go! 

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