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We Heart the Octopus Card | Public Transit and Wally

Not only do we travel a lot for business, we love getting out of the office and exploring other cities whenever we get the chance (join us on our adventures on Instagram!). We just got back from Vegas for CES, and we're about to hit the road again – this time to New York City for the NYNow Market to share a booth with the guys at ACGears (a design shop you should check out next time you're in Manhattan). 

Good thing we like to travel because we find ourselves in Hong Kong a few times a year, meeting with our partners to develop new products. It's one of our favorite cities, full of inspiration and delicious food that we miss the instant we land back in Charleston! Something we absolutely love in Hong Kong is the Octopus card – a card that you tap to get onto the subway. But it's oh so much more than MTR rides – this same card can be used at thousands of locations in Hong Kong to pay for things: 7-Eleven, grocery stores, coffee shops, stores, restaurants, buses, movie theaters... the list goes on. You can even link it to your checking account to reload it whenever it gets to certain level so you never run out. Just tap and go – what's not to love about something that handy and simple?

Octopus card is a life saver – and not to mention a fat-wallet slayer! Here at Distil Union we're big fans of things that help reduce the amount of cards and cash we have to carry when we go out; in fact, the dream of a minimal everyday carry was the inspiration behind the original Wally wallet. We can't wait to see if some other services *cough*Apple Pay*cough* will prove as valuable here in the states – or wherever the wind may take us!

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