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Feature Friday | "This just might be the perfect men's wallet." –

Wally Bifold - Men's Wallet review on

Recently Will Oremus, writer for, shared with the world his love for Wally Bifold. How'd we get so lucky to count Will as a fan? Well, I'll tell you: Lots of people shop on Amazon, including Will. While searching for a slim wallet, he discovered Wally and was impressed with its glowing reviews. After ordering one for himself, he enjoyed using it so much that he reached out to us for an interview. Now that's investigative journalism! Watch Will explain Wally Bifold better than we ever have:

Talking with Will about our design process was a delight because it was clear that he was genuinely interested in how this thing he held in his hands came to be. As designers, this kind of dialogue is a dream come true – which is exactly why we love launching new products on Kickstarter. We're grateful for the chance to chat, any time. And hey, if you don't have time to call us up, you can read Will's interview to feel like you did!

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