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Wally Jr | The Universal Stick-On Wallet

Don’t have an iPhone, but want in on the secret wallet party? No sweat, Wally Jr Stick-On has you covered.

Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Blackberry, LG, Sony, Nokia , Xiaomi – name most any smartphone and Wally Jr loves 'em all! Easily adhere him to any smartphone with a flat area the size of a business card. So, unless you have the uber tiny Zoolander phone, Wally Jr will most likely work for you.

Not only does Wally Jr work with most smartphones, its stretchy fabric pocket allows for up to 8 cards, business cards, folded cash – even earbuds or a charging cable – to be stored securely and discreetly on the back of your phone. All that, and it's still super slim. Way to go, Junior!

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