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WallyRoos – The Shoe/Wallet Partnership of the Century

We're thrilled to announce a partnership imagine what a partnership would be like with Distil Union Wally and KangaRoos – introducing WallyRoos! Nate and I both loved Roos as kids; sure the shoes looked rad, but it's because they made our imaginations ran wild with all the things we could sneak into those tiny little shoepockets – coins, keys, game tokens, paperclips, pieces of nature, a penny for scratch-off cards... but as much as we loved them, it could be tough to get our treasures out! We had such a blast with RunniPad last year for April Fool's Day, this year we decided to take the time to modify our own pairs of Roos with pull-tabs for Wally's well known easy-access action

We went straight from prototype to final product in one step – because our rule for April Fool's Day products is start to finish in ONLY ONE DAY! As always, 

when there's glue or sharp objects involved, Pemba the studio kitty hops in to "help"...

Studio kitty helps with product design

Then we hit the streets! Brian Stetson, Distil Union's new Awesome Manager, was the photographer for today's blitz. As with any good April Fool's photoshoot, there was fake blood.

Product designers love fake blood. I mean ketchup.

Oh, we need pictures of video games and game tokens? Sweet, time to hit one of our favorite Charleston spots, The Alley! But wait, their machines use quarters, not tokens? NOT A PROBLEM – use this 20-cent Euro coin, I have one right here in my WallyRoo! It's all about creativity and convenience here, folks. 

Industrial designers love video games and beer!

That's a wrap! Thanks for playing along and indulging our funny bones :) Hope you got had by some great April Fool's pranks today!!

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