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Finding Design Inspiration at Distil Union

Many great industrial designers have inspired us to create over the years, such as Naoto FukasawaRaymond Loewy and Dieter Rams. In fact, we named our late betta fish Raymond, and our studio deer is named Dieter. Now, what can we name Naoto... 

Product design inspiration - Raymond Loewy, Dieter Rams, Naoto Fukasawa


Not only do we find inspiration from these established design greats but also from our fellow designers on Pinterest. It seems like every time we log on to Pinterest there's a new product that's interesting, unique and inspiring – like the Alex Bottle or the quite literally brilliant T1 Bicycle helmet by Torch, both of which happen to be successful Kickstarter products!

These fellow designers move us to design new, useful and clever products for you. To check out a few more of the products that get us excited, visit the Distil Union Pinterest board: Products That Inspire.


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