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DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in April


• A compelling documentary called Color of Fire by Dorian Warnick at Charleston's own Lunch and Recess (so you know it's good). They just reached their goal today, yay!!

• The noble efforts of the Lowcountry Street Grocery to get food to those who need it most here in Charleston.


Although the Apple Watch bands are our favorite thing about the Apple Watch, what if you could use any watch band you wanted? Well, there's an adapter for that! It's called Click – coincidentally the sound of watch-band makers everywhere rejoicing. 

Absolutely loving the unibody design of the Tiko 3D Printer, but we're still holding out hope for our The Buccaneer

The SnapPower, a super easy DIY that adds a USB charger to your outlet. Looks beyond easy – Lindsay's favorite kind of DIY.


Last week we were lamenting the last third of the lotion bottle that's always sacrificed to the pump gods, and then BOOM! Here's the Zero Waste Cap simple solution! A cheap n' easy Kickstarter to get behind.

And last but not least, this Best Prank Birthday Card Ever is exactly that. Warning friends, we're considering a few 10 packs... and their new holiday cards...

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