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Mother's Day Shopping Made Easy

We love our Moms every day of the year, but let's be honest, we don't call as often as we should. Send yours something extra sweet on Mother's Day on May 10 – just around the corner! Now til May 5th, use the code CALLYOURMOTHER for 25% off your order

Our friend Amy is a new mom who recently told us how her Wally Case has made her life simpler – having everything in one hand streamlines the diaper bag and gives her one less thing to juggle at checkout. Nate's mom Kathy tells us all the time how much she loves her original Wally Stick-On (she was a Kickstarter backer, of course!). And Lindsay's mom Bev's favorite is Wally Jr (in it she carries a few Distil Union business cards and tells everyone to buy a Wally, of course). Truly, our moms are our biggest and best fans – WE LOVE YA, MOMS! 

For Charleston locals (and online shoppers alike), here's a quick roundup of some of our favorite shops for gifts she's sure to love:

Letterpressed cards and classy cocktail supplies at Sideshow Press.

Gorgeous hand-made gifts from American craftsmen at The-Commons.

And our favorite idea, if only our moms lived in Charleston: Take a candle-making class together at Candlefish! This place has so many wonderful candles and smells – it's around the corner from our studio, we love taking a short stroll there for a sniff break...

Check out the Mother's Day collection at Brit + Co. They're featuring a small selection of Wallys in their Sale! Plus they offer e-classes, so you can enroll for two and bond with your mom like it's 2015.

Now seriously, go call your mother. 

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