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Meet the Men Behind DU Father’s Day This Year

To help visualize the DU Father's Day wallet-sale this year, I searched my scanned family-album archives and found this gem: my dad John and his father Asa in 1972, sharing their catch after a day on Lake Murray – which must've been a good one to justify documenting on two different cameras! 

This is the same brick patio where, many years later, I'd enjoy one of my favorite family feasts: fresh fried fish, hushpuppies and peach ice cream (made all day in the hand-crank ice cream churn, with peaches from Grandaddy's garden).

My Dad is a big Wally fan, and in fact his tinkering with the Bifold ultimately resulted in the Wally Duo. And you know what, I bet Grandaddy would appreciate the Wally; he was always surprising us and playing tricks on us kids, and I imagine the playful surprise of the pull-tab would make him smile and give me a "good job, Sugardiddle!"  

And so it follows, we're having a sale on all our Wally wallets because dads love wallets, and we're grateful for dads! And while we don't need an invented holiday to tell 'em we love 'em, Father's Day is a good enough excuse to do so.

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June 05, 2015

Those were the days. Kids played outside. No internet. Long distance phone calls cost 10 cents a minute on Sunday’s. And that yummy slow, hand churned ice cream. Hot summer days. Fresh blueberries. Family. Yes, your granddaddy would have love a Wally and would have been so proud of you!

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