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DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in September

Cat Egg Mold No kitchen should be deemed complete without this brilliant mold by Egg Addiction. The Cat Egg Mold creates purrrfectly cat-shaped sunny side up eggs in your very own frying pan. We'd like two, right meow.


Holga Digital This digital camera is just what its name suggests– a digital Holga camera! Brian is pumped about this one. "The world of toy cameras finally has a digital option," he says. 


YoYo Mats This line of yoga mats was inspired by the classic slap-bracelet technology, and is the world's only self-rolling yoga mat


Draft Top This handy tool allows you to cut cans (with out any sharp edges!) into the drinking vessel the brewer intended. A bit on the pricey side, but worth it for the beer nerds out there.


Greycork This little furniture company in Rhode Island has introduced a minimalist living-room set that arrives in a flat-packed box, and is able to be assembled by one person in four minutes – with no tools. We're proud to say we've backed this campaign. Hurry– their time on Indiegogo ends on September 19th!

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