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EDC Product Review: KeySmart

Brian's Everyday Carry Pocket Dump - Including KeySmart

I searched for a while to find the best solution to reduce and manage the bulk of my key collection. Just like the world of minimalist wallets, the market for minimal key organizers is quickly growing. I had decidedly set out to find the best ‘pocket-knife’ style key organizer, and after trying a couple of others I settled on the KeySmartKeySmart 2.0

KeySmart launched their first version of the product in May 2013 on Kickstarter. Like many of other similarly designed key organizers, the KeySmart archives its minimal dual-sided carry though the use of sex bolts aka barrel nut or Chicago screws. What makes the KeySmart so unique and versatile is the ability to customize the length of the bolts with extenders; this allows your KeySmart to hold 2-50 keys simply by adding more extenders. This means that one KeySmart can grow with you! No need to buy a new product or carry multiple organizers. My only "con" for the KeySmart is that my bike-lock key doesn't fit. Beyond bike keys though, there are loads of customization options. KeySmart offers a useful array of accessories like the included Loop for attaching to a key ring a USB thumb drive, bottle opener and a golf divot tool. It's like a Swiss Army knife that also holds your keys. 

– Brian Stetson, Distil Union's resident Kickstarter connoisseur and everyday carry enthusiast.

Bottle opener+USB

Expansion pack

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