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Distil Union Presents Next Friday

July Fridays @ the Corridor


How did those things you love go from an idea in someone's head to being part of your life? At the July Fridays at the Corridor, participants will hear from one of Charleston’s newest and most innovative companies Distil Union. Nate Justiss, Adam Printz and Lindsay Windham, former DLO and Philips Electronics employees, will discuss the inspiration for founding their design collective called Distil Union and share the story behind their first product, Snooze - the iPhone alarm clock that's creating a buzz on Kickstarter. Come be part of the dialogue about product design and overcoming the challenges of taking a product from concept to market.

This one hour presentation, held at the Flagship on July 20, 2012, begins promptly at 8:30am. Parking is located at the Gaillard garage on Alexander Street. Please contact Amy Lawrence if interested in attending this event.

This interactive forum is meant to engage and inform Charleston's knowledge-based community.  Attendance is limited to 25 guests, with priority seating for Digital Corridor members.  The non-member fee is $20 which will be donated to Distil Union's Snooze Kickstarter Campaign.

via Charleston Digital Corridor

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