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Field-Trip Friday: Antique Surprises

Today is Field-Trip Friday, where we take some time to purposefully get outta the office and find inspiration from what's around us. Woohoo! Field trip, all aboard! But we didn't have to go far...

The Distil Union office is in the antique district of Charleston, so we thought "Why not go antiquing?" We wandered into Birlant's Fine Antiques & Gifts and drooled over the models of airplanes, boats and cars. The owner, Phil Slotin, noticed our interest and came over for a chat. Turns out he was a graphic artist back in the 50's, and did everything from hand-lettered ads to book illustrations and company letterheads. And he did it all... with actual ink. Keyboard and mouse? No thanks, not for Phil. We're talking Mad Men style stuff. Gorgeous.

He dug up a small folder of his work that he was more than happy to share with us -- in fact, the trip down memory lane was probably the highlight of his day. It was obvious that Phil still dreams of his design days before learning the family business in antiques and auctions. It was the last thing we expected on our antiquing trip; unexpected inspiration is the best :)

Nate and Adam admire a gas-powered wood and steel model car (Phil gets to do the hands-on bit)

Phil Slotin takes on a trip down his own Memory Lane as a graphic artist in the 50's

A few samples of Phil's work (check out the Mars brochure!!!)

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