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A relatively sticky situation...

What iPhone case do you use, if any? We've been testing Wally, our slim stick-on iPhone wallet solution unlike any you've ever seen, with various cases -- starting with the best-selling iPhone cases at the Apple store. Have you noticed that iPhone accessories are popular, particularly cases? And thus, have you noticed how many cases there are out there? Approximately 17 billion. Probably about that many... it's a lot anyway, and we want Wally to get along with as many iPhone cases as possible!

Wally's micro-suction surface is a sucker (pun intended) for glossy or slick cases, but not so much for matte-finish or soft-touch cases. So while Wally is ideal for naked iPhones and a bunch of cases, we've found an adhesive that's a bit stronger and has similar repositionable qualities. AWESOME! We're offering a Wally-sized piece of this stuff we've dubbed Alternahesive™ to any Wally backer who requests it. AND because Kickstarter is a crazy rollercoaster, we've introduced something cray....

Yep, we want to see if we can get to the $75,000 mark -- which means every single backer would receive the Alternahesive, instead of just by special request. While it’s true that many won’t need the Alternahesive, we’d love for everyone to get it. This would also simplify packaging and fulfillment for us, and it'd be handy for you to have if you change cases in the future. 

Why not? Wally's already in a win-win situation! Stretch Goals are really just a fun, imaginary goal – so help us with our sticky situation (hahaha) and spread the word about Wally! 

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