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DU Team Gift Guides: Lindsay's Picks

Lindsay (our co-founder and graphic designer) has picked her favorite, most give-able gifts this year – slippers and coasters for Dad, honey for your bestie, microwave rice-cooker for your office Secret Santa, a sweatshirt for your sister. We've shared where you can find her cool picks below! 

1. I Like It What Is It large-format paperback of print reproductions by Anthony Burrill $38

2. Colorful coasters made of cork and rubber from Most Modest $18. Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

3. Detachable-Sole Slippers from Mahabi $89

4. M-Cuisine Rice Cooker by Joseph Joseph $25Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

5. BeeCause Honey $15. 100% of online sales from BeeCause are donated to one of their school hive projects. 

6. Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes $60. Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

7. Stop Talking Kitty Sweatshirt by Martha Rich $45 

To get a glimpse of our inventory at Objective Design Shop in Charleston, SC, follow our Pinterest board.

Visit Distil Union's Pinterest.


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