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DU Team Gift Guides: Nate's Picks

Industrial designer and Distil Union co-founder Nate Justiss has put his holiday gift picks together. His gift guide includes modern everyday-carry items and things that bring high-design to the home, like the sleek and simple Lana lamp from Pablo Design. 

Nate's Holiday Gift Picks

1. Lana Lamp $375 by Pablo Designs.

2. Joey Mug $20 by Fellow. 

3. Wally Wallet Case $50 by Distil Union. 

4. Tube Watch $249. 

5. Braun BN0211 Watch $275

6. Tile Wall Clock by Leff $199. 

Each and every one of these can be purchased locally at Objective Design Shop! To get a glimpse of our inventory at Objective Design Shop in Charleston, SC, follow our Pinterest board.

Visit Distil Union's Pinterest.


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