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DU Team Gift Guides: Mary's Picks

Mary, Distil Union's Marketing Maven, has curated gift picks that bring anyone on your list a dose of design for the home, kitchen, or travel – and can all be found at her favorite Charleston retailers. Mary's Holiday Gift Picks

1. Start Me Up $60. Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

2. Siphon Coffee Maker by Kitchenaid $199

3. Smith Bag from State Bags $110. Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

4. Library Scent 061 $22 by Candlefish. Buy locally or online!

5. 1.5L French Press $150 by Yield Design Co. Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

6. Ora Tea Cups $30.  Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

7. Colored Open Weave Basket $96 from Proud MaryBuy locally or online!


To get a glimpse of our inventory at Objective Design Shop in Charleston, SC, follow our Pinterest board.

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