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We’re not named Distil Union for nothin...

The whole distillation process is fascinating. And then there's moonshiners. Talk about fascinating! Check out the documentary about Popcorn Sutton called "The Last One" to be inspired to just get shit done yo'self. Roll up your sleeves. Find a way. DIY. Nowadays it's less about backwoods and more about craft, and distilleries are popping up all over Charleston: High Wire, Charleston Distilling Co, and the now famous n' dangerous Firefly Original Sweet Tea Vodka.

Also, Nate and Lindsay both have science backgrounds and have legitimately distilled compounds in chem lab. It's all about process, getting down to the essentials. The essence. Simplicity. And that, my friends, is why we named ourselves Distil Union. 

via uncrateGuide To Urban Moonshining

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