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Team EDC: Mary's Everyday Carry

DU Team Pocket Dumps: Mary's Everyday Carry

Mary's EDC

Marketing Manager Mary Streeter gets to the office each morning on foot with her pup Matilda in tow, along with these items. 

  • Gitte Steel Mesh Watch from Skagen I love this watch's low profile. It's super sleek and not at all bulky.
  • All Good Lips Coconut, SPF20 As my dad would say in regards to sunscreen, can't forget your lips and ears!
  • Cafepress Mug by Kinto I just need one cup in the morning, so this mug is perfect for a single serve of French-press.
  • Sharp Writer Pencil by Papermate Looks like your classic #2, but with a modern twist.
  • Wally Case in Cowboy Brown I started using this before ever working at Distil Union, and I can honestly say I'll never carry cards another way.
  • Keysmart with Tile Tracker Some say I carry a janitorial amount of keys. The situation was much improved once I switched to a key organizer. And with the Tile tracker, it's now more difficult than ever to lose my keys.
  • Nylon Leash from Laso One of the best parts of my day is taking Matilda on a morning W-A-L-K into the office.
  • Sunglasses by Eason Eyewear This pair has been the most recent addition to my sunglass collection.

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