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Team EDC: Nate's Everyday Carry

Nate's Everyday Carry

Distil Union's co-founder and Industrial Designer Nate Justiss shares the modern essentials he carries everyday in today's DU Team Pocket Dump.

  • Humlan Headphones by Urban Ears These are great because the fabric portions are washable. We did a full product review on the blog once.
  • Wally Stick-On by Distil Union is the one product out of hundreds Nate has designed that he uses every. single. day.
  • Braun Watch is a nod to one of Nate's all time favorite desginers, Dieter Rams.
  • Apple Pencil has revolutionized his sketching on the iPad Pro. 
  • OrbitKey keeps keys from jingling so much, it's a little unsettling...
  • Squire Pen by Baron Fig is great for sketching on real life paper.
  • Sunglasses by Sunski are some of the most trusty shades around.


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