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Feature Friday | In Which Our Co-Founders Appear on Shopify Masters (!)

Distil Union Interview on Shopify Masters

Pop some corn and cozy up to a half-hour segment with us and Felix at Shopify! One of our favorite podcasts, Shopify Masters is chock full of tips from those who have been there done that and learned a lesson or ten... There's plenty of free advice floating around out there, but we hope there's a little something for everyone in our episode – and if there isn't, we guarantee there's a Shopify Masters episode that will make a measurable difference in your business. Bold, but true.

In this episode Selling on Amazon: Lessons You Can Learn From a $2 Million Business, Distil Union co-founders Nate and Lindsay give the origin story of the brand, very real insights into our first product ("Nate: It was insane. Lindsay: It was a horrible idea.") and how we made the leap to Amazon. 

For all you budding Shopify shops out there, we also name-drop our favorite Shopify Apps like Yotpo, ShipStation and StitchLabs.

Distil Union Shopify Masters Interview

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