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The Fat-Wallet Fix

Top 4 Tips to Carry a Wallet That's Half the Size

Have you noticed? Our phones have gotten bigger, but there's a trade-off because while technology can do more, it means we have more to fit in our pockets. Not only do fat bulges in your back pocket look bad and damage your clothing (and not to mention your lower back), there's just no need for hauling a Costanza clunker with you on the daily:

  1. Pick the Essentials.

    What's in your wallet? No, seriously– does it truly need to be there? Empty your wallet. Now put back only what you use regularly. Digitize the rest in a password-protected app like Dashlane then keep them elsewhere. Nervous? Skeptical? Try it for a week... Some cards might creep back in if you let them, but we bet you'll be happily surprised at what you don't miss. 

  2. Go Digital.

    There’s an app for that, as they say, so put that pocket-sized computer to work! We've compiled highly rated wallet-slimming apps, and if you own an iPhone, Apple Wallet can manage your cards, boarding passes and more so your real wallet doesn't have to.  

  3. Carry Less Cash.

    Cash may be king, but most shops prefer card payments or secure wireless payments via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet. Owe money to a friend or landlord? Try Venmo– it’s easy, widely used and refreshingly free.

  4. Get a Slimmer Wallet.

    Sure, your wallet will be slimmer now that you have less to carry– but you've done all that work is for nothing if your wallet is bulky. We know what you're thinking, Does which wallet I carry really make a difference? A: Definitely. 

We make it slim– you make it minimal.

In traditional wallet construction, every slot adds an unnecessary layer of thickness. We've distilled the wallet to its essentials, using our patent-pending FlexLock pockets and Wally Pull-Tab™ for a secure carry in a remarkably slim profile.

Starting with a slim wallet means you're already ahead of the fat-wallet game; and using a slimmer wallet is a great way to reinforce the behavior of carrying less. All it takes is discipline and a well-designed wallet. You can do this– you can carry a slim wallet.

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