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Hi, we're Nate Justiss and Lindsay Windham. In 2011, we founded Distil Union as a micro-collective of designers having fun (and working hard) creating products that improve experiences in our everyday lives. Truth be told, nothing makes us happier than hearing one of our designs has helped make your life a little better.

Together, we believe design is about creating better experiences.

We met in 2006, and in our years as designers, we worked on literally hundreds of products together (mainly Apple accessories). When our last gig closed their Charleston office, we stayed to soak up the lifestyle of freelance designers in this laid-back coastal town that's full of "working-class creatives" and entrepreneurs. As friends we stayed connected, often riffing on product ideas over beers... So in 2011, we joined together (Union, get it?) to create the products we want to see on the shelves. Selfish? Perhaps. Exciting? You bet your pants it is! (Scroll down for evidence.)

Entirely self-funded on a boot-strap budget, we launched our first product on Kickstarter. After working in the “big-box retail” industry for so long, it was a rush being part of the dynamic crowdfunding community that allowed us as designers to connect directly with customers, users, backers – you.

And that was it, we were hooked. We’ve launched six Kickstarters to date, each one over-achieving the goal by as much as 827%. We owe our success to our Backers, and as designers, we quite literally couldn't run a business without our fearlessly friendly teammates – meet the DU Team:

And last but not least (and actually, the very first official DU employee) – should you ever need Customer Service, you'll have the pleasure to talk with our friend Rebecca Pollett. Those who have been helped by Rebecca swear they can hear her smile through the screen. 

What is a "Distil Union" exactly?

For those of you wondering how we came up with our name – Hint: It's part design philosophy, part moonshine... 


Tune in to some small [business] talk: 

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Live/Work turns into Work/Shop

During the sweaty summer of 2015, we moved the DU Studio out of Nate’s apartment and into a 2nd-floor space a few blocks up the street on Upper King. A few months later right before Thanksgiving, our dream to open a modern-design shop inside our workspace very literally came true: 

Inspired by design boutiques in Hong Kong and museum gift shops in NYC, we carefully curated the Objective Design Shop as a pop-up to meet the need for a modern design source in our community. The pop-up has come and gone, but it was an honor and a thrill to introduce so many of our favorite brands to Charleston.  

The Distil Flagship is now an area of our design studio where you can browse Distil Union products and indulge in a life-simplifying wallet makeover. Make an appointment and our simplification experts will help you find just the right Wally to replace your old wallet! And if your timing is right, you might even get to see prototypes of what's new and next....

Distil Union - Small but MIGHTY!

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