Distil Union is a micro-collective of designers who are having fun (and working hard) creating solutions to real-life problems. Our incentive to innovate comes from a deep desire to create objects that people love. So after designing for corporations for nearly a decade, we've crafted our own brand to develop and deliver the products that we want to see on the shelves. Selfish? Perhaps. Exciting? You bet your pants it is!

Our mission is to design smile-inducing products so dang clever, useful and drop-dead desirable, you just have to share them with friends. 

Simply put: We're here to make life simpler. Many of us rise with our iPhones, but are tired of knocking them to the floor or accidentally shutting off our alarms... so we designed Snooze to give our phones a home on our bedside table plus a slap-happy snooze bar. Next, we were tired of lugging around bulky wallets, and so we created Wally – the first stick-on iPhone wallet, and then a Wally Case version for a bit more protection. iPhone wallet not your thing? Not a problem, we applied our patent-pending design to our Wally Bifold and Sleeve. Crafted of genuine leather and unbelievably minimal, they're perfect for keeping your credit cards and cash organized while keeping a low profile (even in your front pocket).