First there was Ninja... Then there was Cowboy... October 07 2014

What color would YOU like to see added to the Wally lineup?! Lindsay votes gray…

If we add a Gray Wally to the lineup, what should we name him? 
Dapper Gray
Gentleman Gray
Space Gray (wink wink)
________ Gray

Tweet us your suggestions!

We’ll be building our own point-of-purchase displays: October 02 2014

And by “we” I mean “Nate”… If you have a shop or know a shop that’d like to sling some Wallys, please let us know!

It’s Career Day! October 01 2014

This morning we visited the Academic Magnet High School for three back-to-back career day sessions where Nate introduced some budding artists and engineers to the field of Industrial Design. Any questions? 

Where's Wally September 27 2014

Srsly y’all, he slim. Nate picked up his 6 preorder today and is flaunting a Wally sample… Space Gray and Cowboy Brown are so, so sexy together.

Strolled through the Hermes leather exhibition September 22 2014

Happened upon a brief but informative exhibit about leather and the history of Hermes at the PMQ Design Mall -- which is, by the way, our new dream office location -- complete with an itty bitty retail shop of curated designy goods. If you're ever in Hong Kong, go shopping at PMQ, you won't regret it!

A night ride on the Star Ferry September 22 2014


We found designshop heaven, and it is a mall called PMQ. September 20 2014

Bought some treats at an HK fave, Kapok.

Hong Kong Apple Store, IFC Mall September 20 2014

So fun visiting the Apple Store today with all these happy people! (at Apple Store 香港旗艦店)

We heart the MTR September 20 2014

The tiled stations. The easy navigation. Oh, and Octopus cards in our Wallys. 

Lots and lots of bikes x umbrellas September 17 2014


That’s hot. September 16 2014

Red hot. PMS485 uncoated, to be precise.

At the printers with all the Wally packaging! September 16 2014

Literally hot off the press!

This was yesterday outside the factory September 15 2014

...but today there’s a typhoon!? We were lucky, only heavy rains and some wind.

Soon to launch: Wally Euro September 15 2014

We'll be offering two different versions of the Wally Euro, both sized to accommodate larger bills (like Canada, UK, Asia and of course Europe). One version will have two pull-tab pockets (like the Wally Bifold), and the other will have one pull-tab pocket and a squeeze-lock coin pocket! It’s seriously serving us well in Hong Kong.

We just approved final samples today — look out, world, here comes a Wally Wallet for the rest of ya! On track to be available for purchase here on our webstore in plenty of time for holiday shopping.

Factory visit pics! September 15 2014

Today we got to see the big machine that stamps the logo into all the Wally leather — we’ll be using a smaller logo size in a new location; he’s looking more refined than ever.

Swatches galore!! September 15 2014

We hit the Hong Kong Fabric Market and went cross-eyed looking for new liner material for Wally wallets… It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but we have and can’t wait to unveil it!

Nate n’ noodles. September 14 2014

at 金鱔Korean Restaurant

Lindsay n’ Miffy. September 14 2014

...and green tea + black sesame + honey jasmin froyo… 

WE MADE IT! September 12 2014

And already had our first meeting. Let's do this thing, Asia!

Wally Case prototype for iPhone 6 Plus September 10 2014

(Lindsay’s head for scale.) Are there many of you opting for the Plus? Or is the iPhone 6 big(ger) enough??

It’s like we’re there! Sort-of! Basically! September 09 2014

We’re watching the announcement on our Apple TV… and on like a bazillion live-blogs… #geeklife

Wally Case [prototype] for #iPhone6 September 09 2014

Here's a pic of our prototype for the iPhone 6 Wally Case next to our favorite Field Notes for scale. Can’t wait for the Apple announcement, fingers crossed our guesses are confirmed!!

Today: Packing for HK September 07 2014

Thanks, Lil BUB

Back-to-School Snooze News! September 06 2014

Snooze is a pick for great back-to-school supplies in Better Homes and Gardens mag!!