Lindsay's Everyday Carry #EDC April 15 2014

Here it is, what I carry each and every day in my it-was-made-this-way dirty tote bag by The Made Shop. Not pictured: I'm often carrying in my hands a mason jar of iced tea with a Cuppow lid (to be inevitably featured on our Instagram this summer).... I digress. Drumroll please, let's breakdown this bag --

  • Vintage Wallet in stingray leather from JLINSNIDER
  • Apple Earbuds with cable-management wrap made from Wally scraps ;) 
  • Keys with rad horse-hair fob by Tin Cup 
  • Bottle Opener because. Beer.
  • Solid Perfume No. 17 by Simpatico
  • Lip and Cheek Stain by Captain Blankenship
  • Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking by Revlon (for nights when a stain just ain't enough)
  • Wally Sleeve in brown leather for sample testing (!)... Love it for my business cards.
  • iPhone 4S with Wally, so I've always got my ID, debit card and a business card. Always.
  • One of my many Baggus... You can't have too many -- I stash them everywhere!
  • ORP Bike Horn for my daily commute. Safety first -- plus a friendly horn sound 
  • iPod mini with atrocious battery life #dontcare
  • Little things kept tidy in a money bag from an antique mall in MN 
So, now it's your turn on this show-and-tell Tuesday -- what's in your EDC?

Tubecore Duo April 10 2014

Soooo pretty.... Tubecore Duo  #ThingsWeNeed (via uncrate) 

Meet the newest Unioneer: Raymond Loewy! April 08 2014

Backstory: I recently discovered my love of avocados, and with that my love of sprouting their pits. The thing is, nothing looks more sad than a bald avocado pit stabbed and sitting on your windowsill, so Nate and I decided to stir things up a bit with one of his favorite loves: Fish! We took a trip to the nearest pet store and marveled at the wide array of Bettas. 

This fancy "Elephant Ear Halfmoon Male Betta" was impressive, sure, but a blue/green fish simply isn't on brand for Distil Union. Also, he was well out of our price range of $4. We kept looking until we locked eyes with a zippy little red Veiltail, grabbed some food and a small aquarium plant, and skipped home. Nate already has some basic aquarium supplies (read: sand), so I stepped aside and let the experienced aquarist do his thing.

It was torture waiting for the water to reach room temp and equalize with what our fish was already living in, but Nate said it'd be worth the wait (read: better than having a dead new fish). Finally, the wait was over! Nate poured him into his new home and we had our first living mascot! Dieter the Deer is cool and all, but now there's a little life depending on us to remember to feed him and take him out of the windowsill before the morning sun boils his home. Responsibility: Yes we can. And just look at that on-brand face!

A few days later, the avocado pit is sprouting its roots and our fishy friend has a name: Raymond Loewy. He's considered the father of industrial design, as well as the "father of streamlining" due to his unmistakably sleek aesthetic. You may remember in November of 2013 when the Google Doodle was in honor of his 120th birthday:

We're enjoying Loewy's zen-like presence here on our desk. When he's not chilling in the fern leaves or up underneath the avocado pit, he's zipping around and picking fights with our pointing fingers. Behold this Avanti sketch, which is pretty much exactly what Loewy looks like as he zips around his watery living room:


Impromptu RunniPad™ shoot in the office with Isabelle! April 04 2014

So awesome when friends are in town who enjoy a good giggle :} Have a good #CRBridgeRun, you guys!! 

Flash-Back Friday #FBF April 04 2014

January 1, 2012 — The first New Year’s morning at DU. I slept in my wig, Adam in his pleated-pants suit, and it’s possible that Nate didn’t even sleep. This photo is on our fridge, a constant reminder of the sheer joy and honor it is to be in this together (at Distil Union)

Discuss: Wearable Devices. April 02 2014

“"Why’d you stop wearing it?" I asked him. "Oh," he said. "I keep forgetting."”

One-third of Americans ditch their wearable device within six months. Is it the current technology’s limitations? Or are wearables simply not as disruptive as we might think them to be?
(via fastcompany)

This topic is so fascinating to us at DU! Nate went through 1, 2, 3 different wrist-bound fitness trackers. Lindsay, on the other hand (pun not intended), has for years worn her Grandmother’s watch. We wager that the best wearable technology is the one you actually wear.

If you wore a wearable device, what would you want it to do?

Wally Case for iPhone Review by April 02 2014

Check out this delightful Wally Case hands-on review from James at GadgetReview, complete with a real #WallyintheWild photo -- I just wish you could see the daisy just out of the frame. Uh-dorable. And we really appreciate his honest comparison with stick-on Wally (hint: he prefers Wally Case). The review concludes:

Bottom Line: The best looking and most stylish wallet case you can buy.

Wow! Thanks, James!

Sometimes our hi-tech office looks downright cozy… April 02 2014

We’re gonna miss this space — our lease is up in August, holler at me if you know about a sweet available space! (at Distil Union)

"Run!" April 01 2014

The day wouldn’t be complete without one more RunniPad™ outtake.. #AprilFoolsDay

RunniPad™ April 01 2014

(It’s pronounced “runny pad” and Lindsay hates running.)

Finally, you can run with your iPad. Sort of.... April 01 2014

RunniPad™ Finally, you can run with your iPad. Sort of. #nofilter #purefitness

We're gonna revolutionize your exercise! April 01 2014

Announcing: RunniPad™

The Making Of RunniPad April 01 2014

Making RunniPad was a Monday afternoon endeavor. After we shot the videos and took photos, we gave ourselves an hour to do the whole project (video editing, voiceovers, photo editing, copywriting, webpage creation, email blast, everything)... Then, about 4 hours later, we were done. It's that easy! And totally worth it for all the laughs :) We hope you enjoyed our first April Fool's Day Product Launch. Did you see the extra outtakes over here? Hi-larious.

Must be #Caturday! March 29 2014

Met this talkative fellow on the way to UPS. Me-OW!

Pretty sure Putin was power-walking out front this morning.... March 28 2014

Pretty sure.

A Quick DIY Snooze Hack March 27 2014

If you use an iPhone case without push-through volume buttons and ya don’t use our Snooze App (which uses iPhone's accelerometer), here's an easy hack:

Step 1: Tape a folded-up strip of paper to the rigid insert so it contacts your iPhone volume buttons.

Step 2: Slap Snooze to sleep for a few more blissful minutes!

New tee, courtesy of the Puddle Pirate Kickstarter!! March 26 2014

So soft, and we love the attention to detail of the worn tag — Nate’s considering leaving it on. The tag, that is.

Skinny packaging is skinny. March 26 2014

Nate brought this sample back from the vendor, crazy how simple retail packaging can be if you let it! Wally Bifold and Sleeve will stay in a giftbox, while Stick-On and Case will look like this... 

On the road for a quick minute. March 25 2014

Hashtag: Obligatory Bridge-and-Clouds Shot (but it’s so pretty!)

Fast Company's #mycreativespace submissions March 21 2014

Here's ours! 

@fastcompany here’s a peek at #mycreativespace: our hand-pulled screen prints, spirit animal Dieter the Deer, and some #gfda (get your own GFDA posters here!)

Seriously?!?! Charleston, you couldn’t be more charming... March 21 2014

#southerncharm #nofilter

Does your Post Office have a Museum of Postal History?? March 21 2014

Charleston is so old school… If you're ever in town, check out the Old Main US Post Office on the corner of Broad and Meeting -- known as the Four Corners of Law. Speaking of schooling... Boom!

Big news requires big cats…. March 20 2014

Wally Wallets in black leather are now shipping! Since we’ve successfully fulfilled Kickstarter pledges, now the rest of the world can get their paws on Wally Bifolds and Sleeves in Black… RIGHT MEOW!

#tbt when we all worked at Philips March 20 2014

That’s Adam’s arm, and Lindsay did the packaging layout and copy. Ah, those crazy corporate days!