Snooze gets back-to-school love from The Grommet! August 26 2014

Here's what they had to say: “Getting back to reality doesn’t have to be all painful. Click the link in our profile to check out our best finds to help you get ready for the hustle and bustle of fall.” 

My well-worn Wally held my Metro pass in Montreal: August 25 2014

So handy!! #WallyWallet #WhatsinYourWally

Introducing our new guy, Wally Jr! August 19 2014

Stick Wally Jr on a Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, and of course iPhone. The best wallet is the one you have with you #amiright 

Feature Friday: EDC Hands-On Review! August 15 2014

This week we'd like to shine the light on a gorgeously photographed hands-on review conducted by Bernard Capulong at

If you're not familiar with the concept of everyday carry, or EDC, the Everyday Carry team explains it best: Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness. 

In the case of Wally, Bernard went from skeptical to quite satisfied: "There’s no fussing with snap enclosures, zippers, or fighting resistance of rubber bands and magnets here. The ribbon is easy to use for both retrieving and storing cards. It’s a surprisingly satisfying experience coming from such a simple mechanism."

I particularly love that Bernard points out the way Wally Stick-On changes the profile of your iPhone ever so slightly; it becomes more comfy and organic like the iPhone 3GS (which is my favorite iPhone form-factor thus far). Most folks find leather more appealing to hold than the iPhone's glass or metal surface. Sidebar: What's the new iPhone 6 going to feel like to hold? Rumored to have a curved surround and aluminum housing, I'm admittedly turned off by the size. At least our iPhone 6 Wally Stick-On and Case prototypes look super sleek and slim. Anyway, I digress – back to the review!

Apparently Wally's a subtle attention getter. " of my coworkers saw the Wally, ripped it off my phone and stuck it to his, then immediately stuffed it with business cards. By effectively ending my testing period prematurely, he revealed just how appealing and versatile the Wally can be even for people who already have a wallet they prefer."

This is an interesting fact about Wally that's often overlooked – Wally's not a wallet for lots of folks! While Adam and Nate were able to totally replace their wallets with Wally, I still carry my massive, vintage wallet that could easily knock someone unconscious. For me, Wally carries my business cards so I'm never caught without one. If we stroll up the street for lunch, I just swap 'em out for my debit card, a folded $20 and my ID (if it's a beer-at-lunch kind of day) and my iPhone becomes my wallet. So versatile. Like Jekyll and Hyde, except they're both really kind, helpful personalities.

Speaking of kind and helpful, thanks so much to Bernard for sharing his personal experience with Wally. This guy and his team see a dizzying array of minimalist tools and accessories, and we're honored and frankly giddy that Wally was featured. We hope the Everyday Carry readers liked what they saw, and we'll be playing Where's Wally in future reader #EDC submissions! 

Travel Tip: Wrap your laptop charger like this — August 13 2014

— not the way I’ve been doing it for years! #youredoingitwrong #doitrightinstead NOTE: Leave a bit of slack where the cable comes out of the housing. Cut that cable some slack!

Our new windows. So many windows! August 11 2014

Our new windows. So many windows!

Such a great view of the Pride Parade from our new porch!!... August 09 2014

Such a great view of the Pride Parade from our new porch!! #chspride p.s. Moving during the parade was FABULOUS!

The 16th sign: Your toenails match the @entmagazine cover August 09 2014

The 16th sign: Your toenails match the @entmagazine cover

Moving dayyyyyyy! Can you spot Dieter? August 08 2014

Moving dayyyyyyy! Can you spot Dieter?

Last day to save 25% off all iPhone Wallys! July 31 2014

Just enter WALLY-SPF25 at checkout by midnight…☀️

#tbt when @ChasCityPaper stopped by! July 31 2014

We had so much fun posing with photographer Jonathan Boncek and blabbing with Susan Cohen about how Distil Union came to be. You can read the article here.

Friday at the office looks like this: July 25 2014

Apparently it’s #FrozenFruitydrinkFriday apparently; watch as Nate invents double-glass extension system for optimum drink delivery.

Office-space inspiration at eHouse July 25 2014

For this Field-trip Friday, we visited our buddy Hartwell at the new eHouse Studio offices, and WOW. What was once a creepy abandoned doctor's office (the best kind of creepy abandoned building, btw) has been totally transformed to a spacious yet inviting space that made me wanna plonk down and have some coffee while I laugh and work and soak in all in. Definitely inspiring for our next office space -- which we move into next week! Since we'll be renting, there's not much renovating to be done, but the openness certainly made a lightbulb go off... Cheers to the eHouse team on their new digs – and thanks for the tour, Hartwell! 

The DU Summer Sale is on! July 24 2014

That's right! All Wallys for iPhone are 25% OFF until July 31st with the discount code: WALLY-SPF25

Laid-back lunch today in our wild backyard patio July 23 2014

...complete with a soundtrack of church-bells and cicadas. Doesn’t look like King St, does it!?

Reading about design July 22 2014

We're both stoked to get our hands on the August issue of Entrepreneur, featuring an interview with Yves Béhar. Products by his design studio Fuseproject have made their way onto many of our moodboards – you may recognize the Puma Clever Little Bag

...and the Jawbone Jambox (we have the red one, of course)

Check Amy Cosper's Editor's Note
"We, as humans and entrepreneurial spirits, are inspired by beautiful design even when we are unaware that we are being inspired. Whether created by nature or by the hands of Homo sapiens, beautiful objects elicit a certain something -- a deep breath, a fleeting moment of pleasure. It's a serenity that can and often does lead to a minute or two of contemplation and perhaps a burst of creativity. And all of that leads to the force that drives entrepreneurial endeavors: innovation. In this issue we celebrate design -- everything from the cool items that add beauty and make your life easier to today's fashion-forward (and business-forward) offices."

Chills. Design, we celebrate you!

It’s the weekend!! July 18 2014

Have a good one, everybody :)

We love spying on photoshoots out the window… July 17 2014

We're sure gonna miss this view the most! #movinonup

Latenite 3D-printing is mesmerizing July 16 2014

#iPhone6 #hinthint

Goodnight, office. July 11 2014


A portable, simple way to get your butt off your chair: July 11 2014

Considering these hard for the new office. (Yep, there’s a new office in the near future! More on that in the near future…) (via fastcompanyA portable, simple way to get your butt off your chair. All you need is … a chair. Read More)

This view though. July 09 2014

Our roomie got a promotion and is celebrating with family at a beach house on Isle of Palms. Congrats, Captain Steve! 

Ramen Pepper at the new ramen spot! July 03 2014

Ramen Pepper at the new ramen spot! Nom nom nom

Look at that coastal action! July 03 2014

Look at that coastal action! #chswx RG @samplethedog: “Us at edisto with Arthur. @emilylynch” #regram #repost