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DU Team Pocket Dumps: Lindsay's Everyday Carry July 29 2016, 0 Comments

Lindsay's Everyday Carry

Distil Union's Co-Founder and Creative Director Lindsay Windham shares the colorful items she carries everyday.

  • Sunglasses from American Apparel I recently had LASIK so I'm all about protecting my laser-eyes from UV rays. 
  • Packable Tote by Baggu x MCMC My New Year's Resolution is not to use disposable bags. I have five different Baggu bags so I'm never without one.
  • Bike Bell by Nello We stock these in Objective Design Shop, and I love when someone hits it – it cycles through three different sounds that make me giggle every time...
  • MStick LED light One of my favorite Kickstarter projects to date, this neat gadget has an app and a bike mount, so it's practical and pretty. 
  • Mociun #1 travel fragrance by MCMC I roll some on to instantly feel dressed up.
  • Rose Lip Balm by MUJI I am addicted to chapstick. I am not proud.
  • Cheeks and Lips by URB Apothecary This is the most makeup I use; I like to keep it simple. Plus it smells like roses.
  • Sunforgettable SPF50 by ColoreScience The best daily sun protection for sweaty bike rides – tested and approved in our sweltering Charleston summers!
  • Silicone Case for iPhone 6 by Apple I don't use cases typically, but Apple got me with this minty green color... 
  • Wally Junior by Distil Union I love being able to grab just my phone and head out the door. It's truly my essential carry, and I feel so proud every time I look at my Wally – we created a thing that makes a difference in my life every day, how cool is that!?
  • Fine-Point pen by Sharpie It's the perfect pen for my ALL CAPS chicken-scratch.
  • Leather Keychain by Sideshow Press I love the reminder to "Eat Well. Travel Often"
  • Horsehair Keychain by Tincup My friend Amanda makes by hand amazing bows for string players, and makes these one-of-a-kind keychains with the horsehair scraps – each one is unique depending on the scraps she has on hand. With it I can easily find my keys in my bag, and it's a great cat toy. Bonus.

Bikes! A Simple Solution for Our Historic City July 28 2016, 0 Comments

A July 19th Charleston City Council meeting was packed with citizens. So many in fact, a movable wall had to come down to expand the room to a full-size ballroom to accommodate everybody! The majority of attendees were there for the very last agenda item: whether or not to support c
onverting one lane of the Legare Bridge (Charleston insider tip: it's pronounced le-gree) over the Ashley River to bike and pedestrian use. 
This has been a hot-button issue for our city as we've been experiencing exponential growth within the last decade. With more residents populating the area comes a sharp influx of people commuting to and from work each day. In a suspenseful vote of 7-6, the Council reaffirmed the approval of the path from a 2014 decision.

The efforts to complete the East Coast Greenway have especially given our city added attention – in addition to the honor bestowed upon us by Travel + Leisure as Best City in the World. What WHAT?! The East Coast Greenway, or ECG, is a bike route stretching from Maine to Florida. This project was conceived 25 years ago, and is making headway bridging gaps along the trail in towns all along the eastern seaboard. Charleston currently presents one of those gaps, as there is no way to safely cross the Ashley River unless you're riding in a car. Converting the lane over the Legare Bridge will help remedy the current lapse in a safe, bikeable roadway.

East Coast Greenway

Not only is this an issue on a national level as far as the ECG is concerned, it's creating an even larger impact within our community. Many of Charleston's residents rely solely on bike or foot transportation to simply get to and from work, and they risk their lives daily trying to make it over the Legare Bridge.

The reaffirmed approval for funding of the new bike and pedestrian lane over the Ashley River is a huge step for our small city. Constructing this passage will undoubtedly save lives, as well as encourage more people to commute by bike. It's an equation that's hard not to love: More bikes = less cars, and less cars = efficient traffic and healthier communities!

We at Distil Union are proud to be members of a local advocacy group, Charleston Moves who has made great efforts to keep the public informed about the progress of this project – like posters all over town for the compelling Bridge Equality campaign (shown above) and great infographics such as this:

Legare Bridge Bike Lane

Here at Distil Union, our M.O. is all about smart, simple solutions, so naturally we've been fully on board with this initiative. Not to mention we are an office of 100% bike commuters! We attended the meeting on the 19th to show our support, and we think Councilmember Mike Seekings said it best: for our historic Charleston to not move forward with this project "says we're not ready to join the 20th century, much less the 21st century."

Here here!

Flashback Feature Friday: OHM Radio Interview July 15 2016, 0 Comments

OHM Radio interview

At the start of 2016, we were invited to our local independent radio station, OHM Radio to talk taking a leap of faith into running a small business. We were joined by Charleston small-business owners Shantel Gadsden of Pink Verbena, and Kate DeWitt of Lowcountry Street Grocery. Lowcountry Local First's director of marketing Jordan Amaker warmly led the discussion.

Jordan begins the segment with a recent study from the Kauffman Foundation on the impacts of small businesses on job creation. Turns out, small businesses are the fuel that keeps our local economy thriving. Yeah! 

Listen to the interview for three stories of three very different local businesses. We were honored to be included amongst these innovative business minds – and hearts.


Small Talks, Big Ideas on OHM Radio

Small Talks, Big Ideas on OHM Radio - Episode 4: Feb 3, 2016  

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in July 2016 July 12 2016, 0 Comments

Pen Uno + Pencil Uno: The Most Minimal Writing Instruments

Pen Uno + Pencil Uno: The Most Minimal Writing Instruments These gorgeous writing utensils are made from space-grade aluminum that have interchangeable pen and pencil cartridges, so you can write with graphite or ink at your leisure.

The LIFT Cargo Bike on Kickstarter!

The LIFT Cargo Bike Ever wish you could cart furniture, groceries, or even your kid around town on your bike with ease? Well, now YOUR bike can with this kit!

Boie USA: The Toothbrush of the future

Boie USA: The Toothbrush of the Future Have you ever wondered what tomorrow's toothbrush looks like? Let Boie USA tell you: it's anti-microbial with replaceable, environment-saving bristle heads. So fresh and so clean! 

The Best Hot Weather Pants!

The Best Hot Weather Pants with 16 Travel Features I'm not sure what it's like where you are, but July is stupid hot in Charleston. We're all wishing we had these pants to save us. And the Adventure Pants for adventures. And the Roam Joggers for casual Fridays... but wait, every day is Casual Friday! #smallbusiness #lucky 


Orbitkey 2.0: Carry your Keys Better One of our favorite key organizers is back on Kickstarter and even slimmer than before. You have to back it to believe it!

Pon: A minimal and harmless way to display posters and photos
 We were proud to back the first Pon on Kickstarter, and we sure are digging this subtle but handy update... We're not overstating when we say they are the pushpins of the future. 

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Distil Union's June Instagram Highlights July 06 2016, 0 Comments

Distil Union's June Instagram Highlights!

Pups, products, pics, pals... we couldn't have asked for a better start to summer 2016. Thanks for following along!

+ Bring Your Dog To Work Day is celebrated here pretty much everyday, but on the holiday itself we had double dogs in the office! Frankie and Matilda make quite the furry duo.

+ This month we traveled to Baltimore to work with our photographer at his studio for some re-branded photos. Stay tuned because they're looking pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves. 

+ Objective Design Shop received a bunch of new inventory over the past few weeks! State Bags' summer line came in, as well as new titles from the beautiful Gestalten Books, glassware from Kinto, sculptural light bulbs from Plumen, modernly minimal home goods from Yamazaki, and convertible travel-ready backpacks from Incase. Our shelves have never looked so good, come see!

+ We TBT'ed it back to our trip to Japan this past spring when we visited our buddy Josh Kozono in Tokyo. We may or may not be keeping tabs on roundtrip flights to Asia...

+ Did you see it?! We had a hard time keeping it a secret, but this month we launched our new and improved Wally Junior! Junior is the perfect solution for adding a hidden wallet to any smartphone, now in our line of signature leather colors: Cowboy Brown, Ninja Black, and Astronaut Gray

+ As much as we jet-set for our product R&D, having beautiful Charleston to come back to is simply the best. I mean, those sunsets though...

Design That Inspires | Gestalten Books June 29 2016, 0 Comments

Founded and based in Berlin, Germany, Gestalten Books is the producer of over 500 print titles of beautifully designed art-inspired books. At the forefront of visual culture, the publishing company partners with talented artists and designers to create print works of on-trend designs and photography. 

We're lucky enough to stock these books at our in-office retail space, Objective Design Shop. Some of our favorite in-stock titles are The Still Life, The New Nomads, Barley & Hops, and the entire Monocle Guide Collection (shown above).

Also on our shelves are a sampling of Monocle's travel guides for Rio, Hong Kong, London and beyond, as well as so many other design, architecture, and even bicycle-culture books. And yes, it is difficult to keep from perching on a Coiled Stool by Harry Allen and diving into any of these books during the workday. Oh, the temptations of working within your own design shop.... sometimes we just have to give in!


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Perfect Presents for Pop! Our 2016 Father's Day Gift Guide June 09 2016, 0 Comments

We've hand-picked our favorite gifts for Dad this year, all in-stock at Objective Design Shop! Our collection includes everyday carry items  and beautifully designed goods perfect for any dad.

Shopping online? Sure you are, it's 2016–
 online Objective items (denoted with ••). And, if you haven't heard, all of our own Distil Union products are 10% off now through June 19th! Just use code SHOP4POP at checkout. 

Father's Day Gift Guide 

1. State Bags Jay Dopp Kit  2. Fellow Products Joey Mug (out of stock on Fellow's site, but we have them in stock here at the shop!) 3. Braun Calculator  4. Ink Meets Paper Love Ya, Dad and Rad Dad Cards 5. Poketo Grid Planner 6. Distil Union Wally Stick-On•• 7. Distil Union Wally Case•• (did you know that the Today Show featured Wally for iPhone in their Dad's Day round up?!) 8. Keysmart 2.0•• with Bottle Opener•• 9. Umbra Shift Cup Lamp



Distil Union's May Instagram Highlights June 07 2016, 0 Comments

May Instagram Highlights from Distil Union

The month of May was filled with inspiration aplenty, bikes galore, and of course design. Thanks for following along with us!

+Stanley Stand was added to our in-stock inventory of products this month!

+It was a great month for the DU Paw-Squad. Matilda and Pemba, the office dog and cat worked hard to surpass their nap quotas, and even style-directed a photo shoot. Boss Cat Pemba teamed up with Brian for some inventory checking.

+Our From Maker to Market event was a huge success! Read more about it if you missed our first-ever product production information event. 

+May was bike month! (Well, in this office, every month is bike month.) Sponsored by one of our favorite non-profits ever, Charleston Moves, this month was spent encouraging Charlestonians to get on their cycles as much as possible by hosting lots of bike-friendly events around town. A double win for health and the environment!

+Have you seen our storefront window on King Street? We display a sampling of our design-centric goods from Objective Design Shop, our hidden-gem-of-a-store located within our studio. This month, we extended our shop hours during Spoleto Festival!

From Maker to Market: An Event Recap June 02 2016, 0 Comments

From Maker to Market - Manufacturing Discussion in Charleston, SC with Alesya Opelt, Erik Holmberg and Nate Justiss

Our first time hosting a seminar in our studio-slash-retail shop was a success! At our sold-out event entitled "From Maker to Market," we organized a panel of Charleston-based product designers to speak about their experiences bringing their product ideas to the market.

Featured panelists were Alesya Opelt, founder and sole woman power behind Alesya Bags, Erik Holmberg, founder of J. Stark, and Distil Union's own Nate Justiss. The panel was moderated by Mac McSwain of McSwain-Hiott CPAs. The night began with each entrepreneur speaking about their own backgrounds and how they cut their teeth on mass production. After Mac posed several questions pertaining to getting a thriving product business off the ground, the floor was open for additional questions from the audience.

At this point, a group conversation began that turned into a great local networking platform! A few people wanted to know more about local sources for manufacturing and prototyping, which vary immensely based on the product. There were some audience members with great local sources to share. We were thankful for an engaged and enthusiastic crowd that joined us; it made for an inspiring atmosphere. 

After the event, we received positive feedback from attendees. This left us feeling motivated to keep this movement going, so stay in the know about future events – be sure to opt-in to local Charleston news.


Feature Friday: The Power Lunch Podcast May 27 2016, 0 Comments

The Power Lunch with Alesya Bags

We were invited to record another podcast! "Get to it, and go do it," is the motivational catch phrase Alesya Opelt, co-founder of Charleston-based bag line Alesya Bags and a panelist at our From Maker to Market forum, uses to open each episode of her Podcast series, "The Power Lunch." Recorded right in our studio on King Street, we talked product design, production woes, and our humble beginnings of starting a business out of Nate's apartment. 

Father's Day Gifts to Help Dad Simplify His Life May 24 2016, 0 Comments

We love him, dad jokes and all. And maybe, endearingly, we roll our eyes whenever he reaches into his pocket and pulls out that busted wallet over-stuffed with loyalty cards, crinkled receipts, and stray coins. Either that, or he carries his basics in what he calls his "fancy rubber wallet" (aka that rubber band from the broccoli)...

This Father's Day, you're searching for a little something cool to class up that rubber band, or something sleek to simplify that wad-of-a-wallet. Well, what else do you get the man who has everything– stuffed into his pockets– but a new, slim wallet! We've rounded up our top picks, there's one for every type of Dad out there.

Our Top Problem-Solving Presents for Pop – Which Kind of Guy is Your Dad?

He's never caught without cash. Thank goodness. Wally Bifold, a super slim wallet with an adjustable money clip is the perfect choice. Wally Bifold also features our trademarked Wally Pull-Tab™ design that eliminates layers of needless bulk. Beyond simplification, he'll thank you when his back-pain clears up after carrying a slim wallet that's front-pocket friendly. 

He's a rubber-band wallet offender, or charismatic networker constantly making new connections. Introduce him to Wally Micro, our smallest card carrier for the minimal-wallet enthusiast. As a slim sleeve measuring the mere dimensions of a credit card, Micro is great for toting the essentials or a stack of business cards.

You've heard Wait, where's my wallet? one too many times... "Phone, keys, wallet" is the phrase that everyone mutters to themselves before leaving the house. Wally Case helps shorten this by conveniently adding a hidden wallet to the back of your phone. Give Dad peace of mind and a little extra time leaving the house now that he only has to remember "phone and keys."

Pockets sorted? Help Dad simplify his desk with Stanley Stand. Stanley is our newly released flexible phone and mini-tablet stand that adjusts to any angle – and looks stately with its merino wool and Italian leather exterior. Having designated spots for gadgets on a desk helps keep it tidy – something any Dad can appreciate. 


DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in May 2016 May 19 2016, 0 Comments

Pocket Tripod on Kickstarter

Pocket Tripod | The Only Phone Tripod You Need The popular Pocket Tripod has been updated for its second appearance on Kickstarter. The adjustable stand that folds to fit in your wallet now accommodates cases (including Wally Case or Stick-On, as shown above) for even more on-the-go convenience. 


Flatev on Kickstarter

Flatev - The Artisan Tortilla Maker This thing is raising pledges like hot cakes! Er– hot tortillas... Hot, fresh, organic tortillas. 


Everyday Folding Table on Kickstarter 

The Everyday Folding Table Extremely sturdy and portable do not often go hand-in-hand when it comes to furniture. However, Collin Garrity out of St. Louis, MO has designed a coffee table and dining table that's solid and packable! You have to back it to believe it. 

Audible Customs: Custom Fit Earbuds on Kickstarter

Audibility Customs: Custom-Fit Headphones Yes! They exist now! Earbuds that are custom-fit to your very own ear holes, available on Kickstarter. 


Minimal Water Bottle on Kickstarter

Minimal Water Bottle by Minimal Design Company We've seen packable water bottles before, but none as well designed and practical as this! Add this sweet design to your everyday carry for a lighter, more sustainable load. 

A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story
 ENCORE! We've got a musical number for you! If you're a fan of the show, hurry over to support this independent documentary – not only do they have some of the coolest pledge levels (just look at those signed band posters!), but with only a few days left and plenty of money still to raise, this is one where you really can make a difference!

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From Maker to Market May 13 2016, 0 Comments

From Maker to Market at Distil Union

We've been in this business – designing products, producing them, and then selling them – for a while now. Distil Union started in 2011, but product design has been our passion since Nate started designing boats in 2005. By far though, our biggest lessons have been learned by diving head first into the world of small-business ownership. Nothing like starting your own company to really feel the pressure to succeed!

As Distil Union, we've been attendees and guest presenters at a wide range of events, from Pecha Kucha to Protocon. It's always an honor and a pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with the community. Now it's time for us to go from panel guests to hosts! Take a look behind the curtain and see how we do what we do (and how YOU can do it, too), we're excited to host our first ever "From Maker to Market" event at Objective Design Shop. We're so excited to be joined by fellow Charleston small-business founders Erik Holmberg of J. Stark and Alesya Opelt of Alesya Bags, as well as our own Nate Justiss: 

“We’ve seen a significant interest within the Charleston community to learn about bringing products to market. Hosting this kind of event gives us a chance to share what we've learned about mass production, to answer your questions, and to continue learning from our fellow designers,"
–Nate Justiss, Distil Union Co-Founder and Industrial Designer.

Beyond inspiration, our goal is to share steps and insights for bringing your creations to the market place, with tips and tools that will help you along your product-design path. So Erik, Alesya and Nate will let you know a little about themselves and what fuels their passion for product design. Then, we invite the audience to join in a participatory panel discussion moderated by Mac McSwain of McSwain Hiott CPAs, a local firm specializing in accounting for product-design businesses. In addition to being fueled by questions collected from the audience beforehand (ask us now), there will be an open Q+A session (and yes, free beer, so come with some food in you).

It is our objective that attendees gain relevant, actionable information – so come with questions, or reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook @distilunion with your specific questions. One of us will aim to address them during the session. 

“It’s in our DNA to make, to build physical things. I believe for every technical job created dealing with the ephemeral we need a matching manufacturing job dealing with the tactile and tangible,
–J. Stark founder Erik Holmberg, who shifted from a career in digital design to instead creating lasting goods by hand.

From Maker to Market offers an unprecedented opportunity to hear firsthand how three Charleston-based product designers have transformed their ideas into marketable goods sold worldwide. This event is free and open to the public, but space is limited. Attendees must reserve their spot at the Eventbrite page.


Design That Inspires | Kebo May 12 2016, 0 Comments

Kebo on Distil Union's Blog

When we first began Distil Union in 2011, we didn't expect our little Charleston to evolve into the design hub that it is. Amongst the world class, iconically designed products that have originated in this city in recent years, Kebo is one of our favorites. 

Kebo Light

Inspired by the Theodore Low bottle opener from the 1930s, Kebo was created by local architect Rush Dixon of Rush3 Studio. Made of solid cast steel, Kebo allows you to open bottles with one hand. Simple – and sold out at MoMA! Kebo Light, the colorful version made from extruded aluminum (cool!) is available in stores around the world, including our own Objective Design Shop in downtown Charleston, SC.  

Kebo on Distil Union's Blog


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Distil Union's April Instagram Highlights, Featuring our Trip to Asia! May 10 2016, 0 Comments

Distil Union's Instagram Highlights

Distil Union designers and co-founders Lindsay and Nate took a product development trip to Asia this past month! They spent a lot of the time in meetings with our manufacturing team, but managed to connect with friends and squeeze in plenty of sight-seeing along the way. 

 + One of the primary reasons for the visit was to meet vendors at the MM&T Materials Fair. As product designers, this was a fabulously efficient way to meet so many new suppliers all in one place. You can only do so much from a computer, and making those face-to-face introductions and interacting with new materials up close will help us bring you better products! 

+ Hong Kong served as home base while we traveled over to mainland China for product prototyping, and to Japan for a little sight seeing. We couldn't resist – a good friend of ours lives in Tokyo, and it was peak cherry-blossom season! 

+ Hong Kong greeted us with bright lights, yummy soup dumplings and other tasty dishes we just can't get here in the states (or at least not down here in Charleston, SC). 

+ PMQ is a must-stop (and shop) when we're in Hong Kong. It's 7 floors of shops and artist/design/architecture studios across two buildings of pure inspiration. In fact, our first visit to PMQ was instrumental in manifesting Objective Design Shop within our workspace – the shop-cum-studio vibe is electric, and we decided it was something we just had to experience for ourselves.

+ Our time in Japan consisted of exploring the city streets, cat cafes and amazing food of Tokyo with our buddy Josh, but we also left the city to check out the natural offerings of Hakone. A beautiful mountain town, Hakone is home to a famous Shinto Shrine, Hakone Jinja, as well as volcanic hot springs and peaceful hikes with views of Mt. Fuji. 

+ The journey back to Hong Kong included a night in a capsule hotel called Nine Hours in Japan's Narita Airport. The gender-separated locker rooms were like high-school-meets-Ikea. The pods are big enough to sit and write a few postcards in before lowering your shade and drifting off to the built-in noise machines. The concept is awesome as long as 1.) everyone follows the rules, and 2.) slumberers are able to refrain from snoring and having nightmares. Perhaps they should include earplugs with the complimentary slippers!

We're excited to say we came home with several prototypes for new products in-hand, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out what they are. Joining our mailing list or following our Instagram are the best ways to be a DU Insider.


Feature Friday: Distil Union does a Podcast! May 06 2016, 0 Comments

Product Desig on This Should be a Podcast

Charleston-based podcast series "This Should be a Podcast" invited us to their studio last week to record an episode! We chatted product design with hosts Andrew Sprague and Ryan Wilcox (Liz Segrist was out on secret Jedi business), and got to share a little about our studio-combination-retail-space and how it all came to be. Stanley came along to introduce himself to the gang and was a huge hit. Kick back and listen to the whole episode below.

Stanley Stand by Distil Union

This Should be a Podcast
"This week the gang (minus Liz) welcome the co-founders of Distil Union, Nate Justiss and Lindsay Windham, to discuss the processes of product design and how their office/shop came into existence. They also talk about the process of creating solutions to real life problems, and how inspiration can come from nearly anywhere (even the Apple Store). Plus we crack the code on making a better alarm clock."

Objective Design Shop Donates to Lowcountry Local First May 02 2016, 0 Comments

Photo by Lowcountry Local First

This weekend we were so proud to be among the handful of local Charleston businesses to hang these posters and promote Lowcountry Local First's fundraising blitz! Because we believe in LLF's mission to advocate for local businesses to strengthen local economy, a contribution of 5% of Saturday's sales at Objective Design Shop will be donated on Lowcountry Giving Day this Tuesday. 

We sure do love this place! If you're a Charleston local (or even a long-distance lover of Charleston), please consider donating to your favorite Charleston non-profits on Lowcountry Giving Day this Tuesday.



What Moms are Saying About Their Wallys April 27 2016, 0 Comments

We interviewed some amazing moms and asked how Wally helps simplify their daily lives. Full disclosure: A few moms are our own... and they're our biggest fans, naturally! Read what these moms of all ages had to say about the Wally Wallet they know and love –

What Moms are saying about their Wallys

So there you have it. Wally is the anti-purse. The go-to pocket solution when you're at work or on-the-go. One less thing to think about when you're a mom adds up! Thanks so much to our mothers and our friends who are mothers for giving us a piece of their minds :)



Our Mother's Day Gift Guide April 27 2016, 0 Comments

Mom's Day Gift Guide!

We've rounded up our favorite Mom's Day gifts, all in-stock at Objective Design Shop! Shopping online? Sure you are, it's 2016 – and our tiny team has set you up for success to make sure Mom gets her gift on time: FREE Priority Shipping on domestic orders of all Distil Union products and online Objective items (denoted with ••). Use code MOMISTHEBOMB now through May 3rd to unlock USPS Free Priority Mail at checkout. 

1. Skinny Vinny Sal Convertible Bag 2. Kikkerland Ora Teapot 3. Andrew O. Hughes Ergonomic Wine Glass 4. Reed Wilson Design Coast-to-Coaster Set••
5. Distil Union Wally Micro•• 6. Joya Studios Roll-On Fragrance•• 7. Baggu Rabbit Bag•• 8. Braun Ladies Watch
9. Umbra Tavalo Side Table 10. Umbra Cubist Shelf 11. Umbra Geo T Ring Holder 12. Corter Leather & Cloth Bottlehook Keychain••

Shameless Plug Alert: Did you know Wally Wallets are a huge hit with busy mothers – we know because we asked them! Take a look at what these moms have to say about the Wallys they love and depend on to lighten their everyday Mother loads...



Feature Friday: Nate in Skirt! Magazine April 22 2016, 0 Comments

Skirt Magazine, Charleston, SC

No, not Nate in a skirt – it's Nate in Skirt! Magazine, a local Charleston publication that was started for women by women, with a dedicated spread every issue to a man about town. This month, it was Distil Union's own Nate Justiss! As longtime fans of the mag, we were thrilled when they asked Nate to be the lucky lad in their monthly "He's So Original" feature. Do you remember when the fellow was featured wearing a skirt from a local clothing shop?? We do :) and wonder which skirt would've looked best on Nate...

The Skirt! team came by the studio to chat with Nate about his beginnings in product design and using his critical eye to make better products. Read the short n' sweet piece online or grab your own print copy around town this month! 


DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in April 2016 April 13 2016, 0 Comments

Life Ultral Light bike map holder on Kickstarter
Life Ultralight Bike Map Holder: Easily mount any map to your bicycle Our inspiring (a.k.a. badass) friends Joe and Devon have been pedaling around the country, and they've launched their first Kickstarter campaign from the road! How cool is that? Get one of your own asap because the campaign is almost up!


Handmade Japanese Wooden Headphones on Kickstarter
Handmade Japanese Wooden Headphones An unexpected material for an electronic, these are simple, beautiful, and look quite comfy and light. Wooden't you like a pair?

Splyt Light: Make the Perfect Light Fixture for Your Space Artful and practical, we've been waiting for this beauty to hit the market. Can't wait to construct our own lamps!

ECC Pocket Bolt Pen
EDC Pocket Bolt Pen: Auto-Locking Bold Action Pens Not only are these retractable ball point pens beautiful, they feature a patent-pending locking mechanism that keeps them from clicking open in your pocket. Swell!

one80 headlamp
One80 Light: The Headlamp Reinvented. Full 180º illumination Wear it on your head or around your waist for 180º nighttime illumination. No more tunnel vision with ordinary headlamps. 

The Edge: All-in-one desk solution for modern life and work We love our standing desks here at the DU studio, and these innovative, folding "kneeling" desk looks like a great option to try at home. We shared this one with our artist friends who could use The Edge as a compact easel to neatly unleash their creativity.

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Distil Union's March Instagram Highlights April 08 2016, 0 Comments

March Instagram Round Up

In like a lion, and out... like another lion? Distil Union's March was raaaraaar-rad! 

+ Two of our favorite things: gray cats and design books were 'grammed by Gestalten Books. Pop in the shop to check out our last copy of The Still Life.  

+ Wally Micro is live on our site! Check out the vibrant assortment of veggie tanned leather micro wallets, ready to ship tuh-day. Also, we love the user suggestion of using the elastic as a money band. Spot on! 

+ We were hard at work with local fabrication shop, Meadors on outfitting our new storefront window! If you peeped in the viewport, you saw Lindsay's sweet creation of a sign on the Promenade Bench by Umbra.  

+ St. Patrick's Day was properly celebrated at Objective Design Shop! All day we offered our favorite Irish brews for sipping. Smithwick's, Wexford, Murphy's, and who doesn't love a good Guinness on a chilly day? Those throwback toucan cans are hard to beat.

+ Our storefront is done! We had fun with the progress by cutting eyeholes into the cover paper so passersby could take a look at the display coming together. 

 + At the end of March, Lindsay and Nate jetted off to the Eastern Hemisphere for some prototyping, meeting with the makers, and exploring Asia! The trip included Hong Kong, China, and Japan, with no shortage of incredible accompanying Instagrams

Objective Now Has a Storefront! April 04 2016, 0 Comments


You may have noticed something sneaky going on near Distil Union on Upper King. If you looked in the peep holes, maybe you saw this...


But we've been working hard behind the scenes, and just unveiled our storefront window on King Street! 

Tadaaa! Keep an eye out for our luminous storefront window on Upper King. It will be an ever-changing display of well-designed wares both locally and internationally sourced.

King Street Storefront, Charleston, SC


Tech-ing Up the Studio March 24 2016, 0 Comments

Over the past few months in the new Distil Union studio, we've made some upgrades to our daily office lives by introducing a few new tech and design pieces. Here are a few of our favorites!

Amazon Echo photo from

Amazon Echo
We're fans of the Amazon Echo, aka "Alexa," who responds to voice requests and questions. She's part of the team now and has gotten to know our Pandora preferences pretty well. She'll also give you the weather and daily news when prompted, and turn the volume up or down. This has been helpful for background music in the store, though I'm afraid a few shoppers may think we have an employee named Alexa we're always bossing around. 

Standing Desks
One big change we've made recently has been standing desks for everyone in the office. Maybe it was the articles linking prolonged sitting to cancer and even death, but we got the feeling that sitting was the new smoking... We use the Bekant by Ikea; they're electric and adjustable with the push of a button. Quite convenient for reducing daily sitting hours, the sit-or-stand work stations have brought more energy and variety to the workplace. Who doesn't love having the ability to mix things up? Pro tip: If you do try a standing desk for your own workspace, make sure you invest in a comfy foam pad for beneath your feet, and a monitor stand to complete the ergonomic experience (we love this bend wood stand from Grovemade). Also, if you have office cats, please consider one of these to make up for their lost lap-time: Kivikis (shown above) or this hoodie.


We have an office-wide subscription to Dashlane, the secure password manager and auto-login app. It's spared us many a-frustrating minutes of guessing different passwords and then having to reset them. And those minutes add up! Bonus: The Dashlane app also has a secure digital wallet for those of you looking to slim down your everyday carry.  

Bau Desk Organizer from Most Modest

Bau Desk Organizers
Some of our favorite desk organizing accessories come from San Francisco-based product design company Most Modest. Their beautiful set of Bau wooden desk caddies are both on our store shelves and on our desks.

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