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Objective Design Shop Donates to Lowcountry Local First May 02 2016, 0 Comments

Photo by Lowcountry Local First

This weekend we were so proud to be among the handful of local Charleston businesses to hang these posters and promote Lowcountry Local First's fundraising blitz! Because we believe in LLF's mission to advocate for local businesses to strengthen local economy, a contribution of 5% of Saturday's sales at Objective Design Shop will be donated on Lowcountry Giving Day this Tuesday. 

We sure do love this place! If you're a Charleston local (or even a long-distance lover of Charleston), please consider donating to your favorite Charleston non-profits on Lowcountry Giving Day this Tuesday.



What Moms are Saying About Their Wallys April 27 2016, 0 Comments

We interviewed some amazing moms and asked how Wally helps simplify their daily lives. Full disclosure: A few moms are our own... and they're our biggest fans, naturally! Read what these moms of all ages had to say about the Wally Wallet they know and love –

What Moms are saying about their Wallys

So there you have it. Wally is the anti-purse. The go-to pocket solution when you're at work or on-the-go. One less thing to think about when you're a mom adds up! Thanks so much to our mothers and our friends who are mothers for giving us a piece of their minds :)



Our Mother's Day Gift Guide April 27 2016, 0 Comments

Mom's Day Gift Guide!

We've rounded up our favorite Mom's Day gifts, all in-stock at Objective Design Shop! Shopping online? Sure you are, it's 2016 – and our tiny team has set you up for success to make sure Mom gets her gift on time: FREE Priority Shipping on domestic orders of all Distil Union products and online Objective items (denoted with ••). Use code MOMISTHEBOMB now through May 3rd to unlock USPS Free Priority Mail at checkout. 

1. Skinny Vinny Sal Convertible Bag 2. Kikkerland Ora Teapot 3. Andrew O. Hughes Ergonomic Wine Glass 4. Reed Wilson Design Coast-to-Coaster Set••
5. Distil Union Wally Micro•• 6. Joya Studios Roll-On Fragrance•• 7. Baggu Rabbit Bag•• 8. Braun Ladies Watch
9. Umbra Tavalo Side Table 10. Umbra Cubist Shelf 11. Umbra Geo T Ring Holder 12. Corter Leather & Cloth Bottlehook Keychain••

Shameless Plug Alert: Did you know Wally Wallets are a huge hit with busy mothers – we know because we asked them! Take a look at what these moms have to say about the Wallys they love and depend on to lighten their everyday Mother loads...



Feature Friday: Nate in Skirt! Magazine April 22 2016, 0 Comments

Skirt Magazine, Charleston, SC

No, not Nate in a skirt – it's Nate in Skirt! Magazine, a local Charleston publication that was started for women by women, with a dedicated spread every issue to a man about town. This month, it was Distil Union's own Nate Justiss! As longtime fans of the mag, we were thrilled when they asked Nate to be the lucky lad in their monthly "He's So Original" feature. Do you remember when the fellow was featured wearing a skirt from a local clothing shop?? We do :) and wonder which skirt would've looked best on Nate...

The Skirt! team came by the studio to chat with Nate about his beginnings in product design and using his critical eye to make better products. Read the short n' sweet piece online or grab your own print copy around town this month! 


DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in April 2016 April 13 2016, 0 Comments

Life Ultral Light bike map holder on Kickstarter
Life Ultralight Bike Map Holder: Easily mount any map to your bicycle Our inspiring (a.k.a. badass) friends Joe and Devon have been pedaling around the country, and they've launched their first Kickstarter campaign from the road! How cool is that? Get one of your own asap because the campaign is almost up!


Handmade Japanese Wooden Headphones on Kickstarter
Handmade Japanese Wooden Headphones An unexpected material for an electronic, these are simple, beautiful, and look quite comfy and light. Wooden't you like a pair?

Splyt Light: Make the Perfect Light Fixture for Your Space Artful and practical, we've been waiting for this beauty to hit the market. Can't wait to construct our own lamps!

ECC Pocket Bolt Pen
EDC Pocket Bolt Pen: Auto-Locking Bold Action Pens Not only are these retractable ball point pens beautiful, they feature a patent-pending locking mechanism that keeps them from clicking open in your pocket. Swell!

one80 headlamp
One80 Light: The Headlamp Reinvented. Full 180º illumination Wear it on your head or around your waist for 180º nighttime illumination. No more tunnel vision with ordinary headlamps. 

The Edge: All-in-one desk solution for modern life and work We love our standing desks here at the DU studio, and these innovative, folding "kneeling" desk looks like a great option to try at home. We shared this one with our artist friends who could use The Edge as a compact easel to neatly unleash their creativity.

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Distil Union's March Instagram Highlights April 08 2016, 0 Comments

March Instagram Round Up

In like a lion, and out... like another lion? Distil Union's March was raaaraaar-rad! 

+ Two of our favorite things: gray cats and design books were 'grammed by Gestalten Books. Pop in the shop to check out our last copy of The Still Life.  

+ Wally Micro is live on our site! Check out the vibrant assortment of veggie tanned leather micro wallets, ready to ship tuh-day. Also, we love the user suggestion of using the elastic as a money band. Spot on! 

+ We were hard at work with local fabrication shop, Meadors on outfitting our new storefront window! If you peeped in the viewport, you saw Lindsay's sweet creation of a sign on the Promenade Bench by Umbra.  

+ St. Patrick's Day was properly celebrated at Objective Design Shop! All day we offered our favorite Irish brews for sipping. Smithwick's, Wexford, Murphy's, and who doesn't love a good Guinness on a chilly day? Those throwback toucan cans are hard to beat.

+ Our storefront is done! We had fun with the progress by cutting eyeholes into the cover paper so passersby could take a look at the display coming together. 

 + At the end of March, Lindsay and Nate jetted off to the Eastern Hemisphere for some prototyping, meeting with the makers, and exploring Asia! The trip included Hong Kong, China, and Japan, with no shortage of incredible accompanying Instagrams

Objective Now Has a Storefront! April 04 2016, 0 Comments


You may have noticed something sneaky going on near Distil Union on Upper King. If you looked in the peep holes, maybe you saw this...


But we've been working hard behind the scenes, and just unveiled our storefront window on King Street! 

Tadaaa! Keep an eye out for our luminous storefront window on Upper King. It will be an ever-changing display of well-designed wares both locally and internationally sourced.

King Street Storefront, Charleston, SC


Tech-ing Up the Studio March 24 2016, 0 Comments

Over the past few months in the new Distil Union studio, we've made some upgrades to our daily office lives by introducing a few new tech and design pieces. Here are a few of our favorites!

Amazon Echo photo from

Amazon Echo
We're fans of the Amazon Echo, aka "Alexa," who responds to voice requests and questions. She's part of the team now and has gotten to know our Pandora preferences pretty well. She'll also give you the weather and daily news when prompted, and turn the volume up or down. This has been helpful for background music in the store, though I'm afraid a few shoppers may think we have an employee named Alexa we're always bossing around. 

Standing Desks
One big change we've made recently has been standing desks for everyone in the office. Maybe it was the articles linking prolonged sitting to cancer and even death, but we got the feeling that sitting was the new smoking... We use the Bekant by Ikea; they're electric and adjustable with the push of a button. Quite convenient for reducing daily sitting hours, the sit-or-stand work stations have brought more energy and variety to the workplace. Who doesn't love having the ability to mix things up? Pro tip: If you do try a standing desk for your own workspace, make sure you invest in a comfy foam pad for beneath your feet, and a monitor stand to complete the ergonomic experience (we love this bend wood stand from Grovemade). Also, if you have office cats, please consider one of these to make up for their lost lap-time: Kivikis (shown above) or this hoodie.


We have an office-wide subscription to Dashlane, the secure password manager and auto-login app. It's spared us many a-frustrating minutes of guessing different passwords and then having to reset them. And those minutes add up! Bonus: The Dashlane app also has a secure digital wallet for those of you looking to slim down your everyday carry.  

Bau Desk Organizer from Most Modest

Bau Desk Organizers
Some of our favorite desk organizing accessories come from San Francisco-based product design company Most Modest. Their beautiful set of Bau wooden desk caddies are both on our store shelves and on our desks.

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The Fat Wallet Fix: Our Top 4 Tips to Carry a Wallet That's Half the Size March 17 2016, 0 Comments

Wally Bifold by Distil Union

Our Top 4 Tips to Carry Less and Lighten Your Everyday Load 

Have you noticed? Our phones have gotten bigger. Sure our technology can do more, but it means we have more to fit in our pockets. Not only do fat bulges in your back pocket look bad and cause damage to your clothing (and not to mention your lower back), these days there's just no need for hauling a Costanza clunker around with you every day:

1. Pick the Essentials. If you're one of those people with a bulging wallet, (a telltale symptom of packrat tendencies), we recommend starting with the cards you use daily. Empty your wallet. Now put back only the must-haves you use every day, and save versions of those less-used cards in an app with password protection, like Dashlane. Scared? Try it for a day... then a week... Some cards might creep back in if you let them, but we bet you'll be happily surprised at what you don't miss. 

2. Go Digital. There’s an app for that, as they say, so put that pocket-sized computer to work! StoCard organizes your loyalty cards, though most stores can use your phone number, and some like Starbucks have their own apps to manage points. Use Concur to digitize receipts, CamCard for business cards, or a powerhouse like Evernote or Genius Scan to do it all! If you own an iPhone, Apple Wallet can help you manage your gift card balances, coupons, and boarding passes so your real wallet doesn't have to. Your wallet is not a library; let an old shoebox be your nostalgic archives, and shred or recycle those crumpled paper dinosaurs. 

3. Carry Less Cash. Not only does most everywhere accept plastic, our phones now offer services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet that further limit the need to carry paper money. For person-to-person payments try Venmo – it’s easy and totally free.

4. Get a Slimmer Wallet. Minimalism at its finest. Now that you have less to carry, your wallet will naturally be slimmer. Using our trademarked Wally Pull-Tab™ mechanism, we're able to achieve a slim design without the traditional leather dividers. In traditional wallet construction, every slot adds another layer! The need for this excess material is jettisoned with Wally's grosgrain ribbon pull tabs, resulting in the slimmest leather wallet on the market. And whether it's physical or psychological, having a slimmer wallet is a great way to reinforce the behavior of carrying less. Discipline, young grasshopper. You can do this – you can slim your wallet! 

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in March 2016 March 11 2016, 0 Comments

Oi Bike Bell
Oi: The Bike Bell That Doesn't Look Like a Bike Bell. This is one we had to get behind! A bike bell that is as beautiful as the sound of its chime. Can you even spot it in the photo?? We're excited to get ours in the mail this summer. Ding!

BeeLine bike navigation
BeeLine: Smart Navigation for Bicycles, Made Simple. Although this campaign has ended, we can't wait for it to hit the market. It's a GPS for your bike! Sync it with the app on your phone for easy, cycle-friendly directions anywhere. 

Ellum Solar Light
Ellum Solar Light: An Intuitive Smart Light
. It charges by the sun during the day (one day of charging lasts 6 months), and at night activates when it senses motion. We love the touch dimmer and the sleek, pivoting magnetic mount – and you know we're suckers for magnets and Maple! 

 Sense by Silk Labs
Sense: The Intelligent Camera and Hub. For your modern home, Sense learns your living patterns and makes your home work for you. From home security to managing your smart devices, Sense can alert you of any unrecognized people or noises in your home, and even adjust the lights to how it knows you like them. Creepy? Maybe. Convenient? Yes. 

 Luuup litterboxLuuup: Cat Litter Box. This inventive litter box has broken a record on Kickstarter as the most funded pet product ever on the platform. The ingenious design revolutionizes litter cleaning. 

 Foldio for 360 photographyFoldio360. Brought to you from Los Angeles, Foldio360 is a turntable that makes perfect 360 photography easy. Already 500% funded, there's still 3 weeks left in the campaign. 

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Design That Inspires | Yield Design Co. March 09 2016, 0 Comments

Based in St. Augustine, FL, Yield Design Co. is designing some of the industry's most timeless and beautiful products. They don't achieve this by arbitrary methods, but by following an inspiring set of principles from their manifesto

Bridging Past and Present.
Since fashions are cyclical, they look for core elements to boil their designs down to the essence of what's important, resulting in new yet timeless designs. One example – to achieve the modern lines of their French Press, production took them all the way to a family-owned ceramic factory in Vietnam.

Today's Technology. Timeless Craft.
 While they leverage the latest tools available, like 3D-printing, this is not what drives nor limits their designs. They give thoughtful consideration to what manufacturing capabilities lie within their reach, often yielding striking pieces that are made locally – or even in-house, like their Tokyo Tote

There is No Need For Compromise.
As product designers and manufacturers, they feel a responsibility to balance beauty, sustainability, and ethical production principles, creating goods that are inherently well designed and built to last. You will never find Yield creating a throw-away product. Their products will stay out of landfills and last you a lifetime. At the heart of it, this echoes one of Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design – that good design is long-lasting.

We were drawn to Yield for their mission that produces strikingly simple and timeless designs. We're proud to stock a selection of Yield Design goods at Objective Design Shop here in Charleston.  



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Distil Union's February Instagram Highlights March 04 2016, 0 Comments

Distil Union's February Instagram Highlights

February was fabulous here at Distil Union. So fabulous, in fact, that we were glad we had a bonus day this year #LEAPYEAR #YOLO. We've collected our favorite moments for an Instagram highlight reel.

+ Wally, being the all-star that he is, attended the Super Bowl this year! Although our Carolina Panthers did not emerge victoriously, it was a great match. 

+ At the beginning of the month, Lindsay and Mary jetted up to NYC for NY Now and discovered some great new product lines! They tried on the simple and beautiful Danish designed bulbul watches

Stanley's Kickstarter campaign came and went this month! A huge success, Stanley was fully funded in just 6 hours. Keep an eye on our website. Stanley will be available for purchase at this spring. 

+ Not only did we celebrate Stanley's Kickstarter launch, but we threw a party for Wally's third birthday! It was just three short years ago that he first hit the market. He's grown up so fast. 

+ New products have been arriving in the shop left and right! One of our absolute favorites is the Lana wall lamp from Pablo. It turns on and off with a touch sensor, and hangs on any magnetic surface, no hardware required! 

+ In support of our fellow Kickstarters, we partied with the cat people of Pounce, Charleston's soon-to-be first cat cafe and wine bar! Can we get a ME-OWWW?! Their Kickstarter campaign ends Meowrch 29th, so hurry up and show your suppurrrt by donating your meow-ney! 

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Stanley Stand is Solving Problems: FaceTime and Video Calls March 01 2016, 0 Comments

Tired of designing haphazard stacks of books and tissue boxes to prop up your phone for FaceTime calls? We were, too! 

Thankfully you can put all of that back on the shelf (along with your amateur engineering skills) now that Stanley is here. Adjust him to whatever angle you need for Skype or Google Hangout calls with your long-distance friends and family. It's like they're right in your living room with you. Go ahead, talk with your hands – why else do we have video calls?!

Hands free FaceTime with Stanley

If you support Stanley, he'll support you! The last day to pledge and get Stanley for a fraction of the retail price is March 4th.

Feature Friday | Stanley in the News! February 26 2016, 0 Comments

Week three into our Kickstarter campaign, and Stanley has gained the attention from some of our favorite bloggers! iGeeksBlog applauds the versatility of Stanley's adjustable frame, that can be customized to any angle for an array of phone and tablet activities:

iGeeks Blog features Stanley from Distil Union

Our friends at AppleWorld Today recognized that Stanley's materials put him in a phone dock category of his own. He's unique from the gobs of tech docks out there, the leather and felt faces take Stanley in the high-end direction. Fellow feline fanatic, Steven also noticed the subtle cat purr at the end of our video – did you?!

AppleWorld Today features Stanley stand from Distil Union

Appleworld Today features Stanley from Distil Union!

Dubbed "the iPhone stand that bends over backward to please you," Cult of Mac gave Stanley two thumbs way up!     

Cult of Mac features Stanley from Distil Union

Cult of Mac features Stanley from Distil Union 

See what the critics are raving about, and place your own pre-order by pledging on Kickstarter before March 4, 2016!


Stanley Stand is Solving Problems: On the Nightstand February 25 2016, 0 Comments

Stanley by Distil Union

Remember the very first Distil Union product, Snooze? 

It was 2012. Everyone was tired. America was still digging themselves out of a recession, and the least people could ask for was a little extra sleep. Why not hit the snooze button a time or two before getting up?

We were at our wits' end with fumbling for the iPhone alarm in the morning, so we created Snooze – the bedside stand with a big rubber snooze bar – to solve that problem and make our mornings a bit brighter. It was a fresh, minimal take on an iPhone dock that also worked as an alarm clock, plus a handy place to charge your phone thanks to the included longer-length cable. 

Fast forward to 2016. We're in a better place economically. Americans are active and getting healthy amounts of sleep. Not to mention, the two latest models of the iPhone no longer fit in the original Snooze – and so we've sold out of Snooze to make way for Stanley.

More inclusive to phones of all sizes, Stanley won't become obsolete with your next phone, and can even be used to hold your tablet for some reading or Netflix before bed. Stanley keeps your charging cable in place, and still includes an extension cable that works with your existing charging cable, so it's easier to plug into those hard-to-reach outlets. 

The intuitive, bendable form also provides a nook for a pair of glasses or a watch. And to make Stanley function as an alarm clock, you can download our Snooze app for free! We're currently working with our brilliant developers to update the app with some slick Stanley perks, so you can keep on snoozing smarter with adjustable snooze durations and dimmable display.

Stanley Stand by Distil Union

Stanley Stand is Solving Problems: Travel Edition February 23 2016, 0 Comments

Stanley phone stand by Distil Union

Back in January, Lindsay and I flew up to NYC for the NY Now winter tradeshow. Combing through the aisles at the sunny Javits Center, we found some fantastic new lines to carry at Objective Design Shop back in Charleston!

When not at Javits, Cassa Hotel Times Square was home base. Which, by the way, is one of the most hospitable places in New York, if not in America! The people behind the front desk were the friendliest and quick-witted folks – they even remembered Lindsay from her NYNow stay back in August, treating us to a complementary bottle of champagne. #VIP! Their welcoming staff, paired with tastefully designed rooms, hallways, and common spaces made for an A+ stay in the Big Apple.

Our own products were on display at NY Now, courtesy of American Design Club. We hand-carried a few precious prototypes of Stanley with us on the plane, putting Stanley to the travel test:

Stanley by Distil Union

Stanley is constructed with steel, which bends to any position, so we flattened him out for efficient packability. At the hotel, Stanley was perfect for making an iPhone function as an alarm clock, and for holding the in-room iPad mini for some tunes while flipping through product catalogs for future Objective Design Shop offerings!

 Stanley stand by Distil Union

When it was time to return home, Stanley assumed the straight position and off we were again. As nice as the hotel was, it was even nicer to have a dedicated spot for holding our phones and charging cable. Thanks, Stanley :) 

#FBF Kickstarter Launch Party and Objective Grand (Re)Opening on Wally's Birthday! February 19 2016, 0 Comments

New product prototypes, tinsel curtains, giant balloons, DJs spinning sweet jams on vinyl, cold beers, a tower of mini-cupcakes, and a Wally-shaped cake!? All of this goodness can only mean one thing... or rather, three things: we launched a new Kickstarter campaign on Wally's 3rd birthday – and officially (re)opened Objective Design Shop!

Since this was a monumental occasion for us at Distil Union, we invited all our friends and fans in Charleston to help us celebrate. In the past, we've launched Kickstarter campaigns quietly amongst ourselves. Never before have we pressed GO in front of a live audience! It was such a great feeling to have the company of friends and design enthusiasts from near and far.

We raffled off some of our favorite Objective Design Shop – congrats to the winners Robbi and Keith! And we set up a "Kickstation" so partygoers could back our latest product, Stanley, right on the spot. The first Backers nabbed the Early Bird price level that sold out fast! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to party with us, and enjoy treats from Sugar Bakeshop, sips from Holy City Brewing, and vinyl vibes courtesy of the DJs of OHM Radio's SOUL Preservation Society. We're still feeling the love!


Stanley Stand is Solving Problems: In the Kitchen February 18 2016, 0 Comments

Stanley in the Kitchen

Lindsay needed a way to elevate her on-screen recipes in the kitchen when cooking messy Mexican meals. Stanley is perfect for keeping your phone or tablet clean and off the countertop when whipping up new culinary experiments or your favorite go-to recipe.

Because Stanley has a look unlike the average tech dock, Lindsay can take her stand from the kitchen to the bedroom and back again knowing he looks right at home wherever she needs help holding her phone or iPad mini. 

See more ways Stanley is solving problems, and place your pre-order by pledging on Kickstarter before March 4, 2016!


Design That Inspires | Umbra Shift February 16 2016, 0 Comments

Umbra Shift

We all know and love the ever creative Umbra products, but are you familiar with the new brand extension Umbra Shift? Umbra has created a line of home goods in which they invited designers from around the world to collaborate with. In it's own style of whimsy, modern, geometric, and colorful, everything from Umbra Shift is unlike any product line we've seen. 

Some of our personal favorites include the Knob Spice Grinder by Umbra Studio, Cowboy Kettle by Castor, Hanger Chair by Philippe Malouin, and Cup Lamp by Paul Leobach, all stocked in-store at Objective Design Shop

 Cowboy Kettle by Umbra ShiftHanger Chair by Umbra Shift

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Stanley Stand is Solving Problems: At the Office February 12 2016, 0 Comments

Stanley at the office

We wanted Stanley to solve a wide variety of problems when using your phone or small tablet on a daily basis. Nate needed a stand for his phone at his desk that had a low angle that was ergonomically ideal for typing.

When it's time to charge his iPhone, a quick shape-shift to a tall stand lets Nate thread his charging cable through the back, turning Stanley into a sleek leather charging dock. Adjustable for wrists and smartphones of all sizes, Stanley is the answer for multitasking with your phone in the workspace.  

See more photos of Stanley being helpful, and place your pre-order by pledging on Kickstarter before March 4, 2016!

Industrial Design Insights: Developing Stanley Stand February 10 2016, 0 Comments

Have you heard? Stanley went live on Kickstarter at the beginning of February, and we've already reached our goal! This product was a long time in the making. We introduced brand new materials to our line that required ample time testing and prototyping. 

Entirely made in the USA, Stanley features a leather and felt exterior with solid steel-core construction give Stanley a distinguished look and adaptable functionality. The versatility was our aim from the start. 

Developing Stanley

In 2012, we launched our very first Kickstarter: Snooze, a bedside dock custom fit for the iPhone 4 and 5 – but since then, phones have gotten bigger, iPhones aren't the only popular smartphone, and phablets are a thing... 

So once again we found ourselves facing a problem that needed solving: A pleasant place for our phones to perch. This time, we set out to design a stand that would function well and look great not just on a bedside table or desk, but also in an entry way, by the couch, in the kitchen – anywhere in your home. We also didn't want to limit its use to iPhones, so we scrapped Snooze and started from scratch. Working with some of our favorite materials, we developed something entirely new... something more flexible – literally!

We started out with some really great and adaptable forms, but quickly realized they didn't have the most stable geometry or all the flexibility we needed. After experimenting with some bendable metal samples we had around the office, we quickly made some proof-of-concept models; there was something there, but it needed a lot of refinement. After a few iterations, we developed a simple construction that focused the bending in just three points which gave us enough freedom of motion to adapt to any useful viewing angle.

After testing interior metals such as lead, copper, and steel. Pliable, but also sturdy, we found that the sheet steel was the best core material to make our design perform.


Developing Stanley 

We're thrilled with the final outcome of our material research and testing! Our team developed a product that achieves what we set out to design.

+ Bendable sections adjust to various heights and viewing angles

+ Compatible with smartphones and small tablets, including cases

+ Surprisingly heavy, Stanley will sit and stay wherever you need a stand

+ Cable pass-through holds your charging cable right where you need it

+ Looks great in any room – a welcome departure from typical tech docks


Mardi Gras Picks at Objective February 08 2016, 0 Comments

Our favorite Mardi Gras products!

Purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power. We've rounded up our favorite Mardi Gras colored items from Objective Design Shop! Also shown are some crazy delicious King Cake cookies from our favorite, Brown's Court, a sinfully good bakery and cafe right around the corner from our studio. 

Not only are we celebrating Fat Tuesday with cookies, but we're giving you 15% off any Wally Wallet! Just use code MARDIPARTY at checkout!

M.R.K.T. Benson Dopp Kit One of Lindsay's favorite things at Objective, this Dopp Kit is roomy, with plenty of pockets for organization. It's made of vegan leather and felt and is perfect for traveling. 

Most Modest Hough Square Most Modest can't do wrong by way of desk organization. The Hough square is the best storage vessel that's unconventional in materials and impeccable in craftsmanship. 

The Monocle Guide to Better Living A classic. This book is stunningly beautiful inside and out. Come browse all volumes of the Monocle Guides at Objective!

KeepCup If we haven't already made our fandom of KeepCup crystal clear enough, WE LOVE KEEP CUP! These barista-approved reusable cups are available in virtually any color combo. How adorable is it in the 8 oz size? Next time you order your caramel macchiato at Starbucks, take this cup with you and make it a tall. Save calories and the planet. 

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone! Don't do anything we wouldn't do ;)


Stanley is now LIVE on Kickstarter! February 04 2016, 0 Comments

Watch our video all about Stanley!

We've launched! Stanley is now live on Kickstarter. Check out the campaign page to find out all about why we wanted to produce a flexible stand for your phone and tablet with a special place for your charging cord. Back Stanley now and and snag your Early Bird price! 


Distil Union's January Instagram Highlights January 30 2016, 0 Comments

January Instagram Highlights

This January has set the pace for 2016 and we've hit the ground running. Huzzah!

+ Did you hear? Objective Design Shop remains open! Come up and shop with us Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm, and come celebrate the GRAND (RE)OPENING + LIVE Kickstarter launch with us on Thursday, February 4th. All are welcome. 

+ In the middle of the month, our co-founders Lindsay and Nate high-tailed it outta chilly Chucktown for blue water and warmer weather to spend a long weekend in the scenic Bahamas. There was much reflecting on 2015 and planning for 2016. Oh, and naps, there were also naps. 

+ We've been styling and shooting for our next Kickstarter, which launches very soon. We can't stand waiting to share it with you, but it won't be much longer! Come celebrate and experience the launch with us on Thursday, February 4th for our first ever Kickstarter Launch Party and Objective Grand (Re)Opening! (If you're reading this, you're invited.)

Wally Micro is on the market! We successfully mailed out the first batch of Wally Micros to our Kickstarter Backers. Round 2 is currently in production, and Micro will be available on the website very soon.

+ It's our pleasure to share our newly formed partnership with American Design Club! These guys display in all the major markets and are the bomb dot com. Look for our products in their tradeshow booths in New York, Atlanta, and Las Vegas!

State Bags interviewed... us! They reached out for a quick Q&A for their blog. Check out Nate's insightful answers to their thought-provoking questions, especially "what advice would you give to yourself ten years ago?"

Stay in-the-know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for insights, sneak peeks, and exclusive deals. There's lots to look forward to in 2016! 


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