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DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in July July 23 2015, 0 Comments

Vector Scissors
 Honestly, we're not sure why these handy straight-line scissors aren't flying off the Indiegogo shelves!

HydroHammock Hot tub x hammock. Pretty sure life doesn't get any better than this

iblazr2 The first iblazr was great, and this new version makes some irresistible improvements! Their campaign has already wrapped, but you can now pre-order yours.

E1 Camera These guys are revolutionizing the camera industry. Not even an exaggeration – check out the E1 camera and see if your mind isn't blown... 

Sideclick Yes! A volume button for our Apple Remote. Sold. And that's just the start of why we backed Sideclick...

Airy So happy the goal was reached just in time for Airy, a beautifully designed pot-meets-air-filter. We can't wait to breathe cleaner air here at the DU Studio!

And last but not least, some local love!

"Little Beaver Builds a Bed"
is a children's story about the importance of making things, a collaboration between two of our friends and amazing makers right here in Charleston. Written by Katie Thompson of, AND, with the artwork of Kristen Solecki, we can't wait to add this adorable book to our library. Help make it happen!

2 Days After Prime Day = Mule Day July 17 2015, 0 Comments

Did you score anything on Prime Day?! There's been some hilarious criticism of the event (and apparently there was backlash??), but Amazon stands strong that Prime Day was more successful than Black Friday. Here at DU, our purchases ended up being purely coincidental with Prime Day.

We've been talking about a set of copper mugs for Moscow Mules for months... of course the ones featured on Prime Day sale sold out before we could snatch 'em up (who thinks about vodka at 3am?!), so we made our own assortment of mismatched beauties – and added a case of Gosling's Ginger Beer to the cart for good measure. A cordless studio vacuum also made the must-have list, but we didn't get that at a crazy discount, either. What we did get was a bunch of rad/helpful stuff on our doorstep in just 2 days, so you're not going to hear us complain about being Prime members.

Today, we celebrated Prime Day with a Mexican Mule and a Southern Mule (which Lindsay thought she invented, but apparently it's already a thing). We also celebrated the fact that it is Friday and we work in a studio where we can mix cocktails at 3:00 without an ounce of guilt. Cheers!

As your consolation prize for a bummer Prime Day, here is Lindsay's Southern Mule recipe:

1/2 lemon
2oz. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
4oz. Gosling's Ginger Beer
4 dashes Fee Brother's peach bitters

Cracked ice
Copper mug

Cut 1/2 a lemon and squeeze the juice into a copper mug. When you're done, put the lemon on there, too.

Fill your mug halfway with ice you've cracked using Studio Neat's Ice Kit, or whack ice cubes in your hand with the back of a big metal spoon. Either way, cracking ice is surprisingly satisfying.

Add vodka and ginger beer in a 1-to-2 ratio (more or less depending on the size of your mug and how hard your day was).

Add bitters, stir, and sip!

+ Lime and Tequila = Mexican Mule
+ Lime and Rum = Cuban Mule
+ Lime and Bourbon = Kentucky Mule
+ Grapefruit and Gin = Nasty Mule (just kidding, it's a Gin Gin Mule apparently, but someone thinks gin tastes nasty, so..)

Feature Friday | YOU on Amazon! July 10 2015, 0 Comments

We'd like to take a moment to thank Amazon shoppers for taking the time to leave their feedback. From first impressions to real-world experience, the Amazon community has blown us away with their support, especially for Wally Bifold. One of these days we're going to reply to every 5-star review to say thank you! Until then, we'd like to feature YOU on this week's Feature Friday.

Beyond ratings, customer service is extremely important to us. So is a positive experience with our products. Any negative reviews are an opportunity for us to respond publicly and directly to troubleshoot and hopefully solve issues together. They're also a helpful glimpse into ways our products could use improvement. It takes a village to build a better wallet (isn't that the saying?)....

It's also given us insight into the power we hold as customers, and how much a review really does matter – especially a bad one! And so as customers, we've been writing more reviews for products we've purchased, and are reaching out directly to companies for help before writing a terrible review. Nothing like running your own small business to foster sympathy for other businesses; even larger companies get the benefit of the doubt before we launch into a scathing 140-character tirade on twitter (which we'd never do anyway, because manners).... With the level playing field of social media, we can all hold each other accountable. And that's a good thing! As is being mindful that there's a person on the other end of the line, so here's to being civil as customers and getting better customer service just by being nice.

Celebrate Free(dom) Shipping in July July 06 2015, 0 Comments

For the month of July, enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $35 to US addresses!

Plus, for all US addresses we'll pay for return shipping – That's right, FREE RETURN SHIPPING in the US! But offer ends at the end of the month... so if you've had your eye on a Wally, the time is now! 

Read details about the offer – basically: No coupon code, just freedom.

Distil Union's June Instagram Highlights June 30 2015, 0 Comments

+ The month of June on the DU instagram started off with a bang -- literally! At the annual Spoleto Finale, the fireworks and St. Paul and the Broken Bones (from Nate's home state of Alabama!) did not disappoint.

+ We shared a sneak-peek of Nate working on rough mockups of our next next product, and we asked for any guesses as to what it might be.. a duct-tape or RFID-blocking Wally wallet? Or is it even Wally related??... 

+ Got our Pebble Time in the mail – first thoughts: Love the color e-paper display and its size (i.e. smaller and lighter than Apple Watch), though not sure we'll use all that many apps... we'll share our thoughts here on The Distillery after we spend some time passing it around the studio for testing!

+ Brian was the first to receive the much-anticipated Coin! Setting up this digital credit card was a breeze, as Pemba the studio cat looks on in envy (you see, cats don't carry wallets, and Coin + Wally is a match made in minimalist wallet heaven). Look for a blog post soon about our experience with Coin, part of The Future of Your Wallet.

+ Recently, Nate and Lindsay landed in Tulum, Mexico for a week of work outside the office – we're calling it a workcation! Just up the road is the spot where TEDxTulum was held a few months ago. So cool to see these big bold TED letters in the middle of a beach jungle paradise!

+ I spy a #WallyintheWild – Lindsay's Wally Stick-On is made for traveling light, with just a card and some folded pesos for a morning snack at the cafe up the road. Glad Nate brought his Wally Euro, too, for receipts and loose change – tasty pastor tacos in town at Antojitos La Chiapaneca for just 7 pesos! It doesn't get any better than loose-change tacos... Adios for now!

Feature Friday | Insider Pick at Business Insider June 26 2015, 0 Comments

Wally's on the inside, you guys!! On Business Insider that is – and twice in the last month! So it's only fitting that this Friday, we feature Wally Bifold's double-feature in Business Insider.

First, he appeared in May as part of a round-up of "24 Dapper Wallets to Polish Off Your Outfit" – where rubbing shoulders with the likes of Shinola and Jack Spade was flattering to say the least. Then earlier list week, Wally broke out on his own to shine in the limelight –

Distil Union is the company behind what may very well be the slimmest, most practical wallet on the market. Its Wally Bifold design is part wallet, part money clip, and all sorts of functional for your day-to-day. Business Insider

WOW, what a headline! Usually we're not into hyperbole, but.... The most practical wallet you'll ever use. We couldn't agree more, and we're beyond proud of Wally – and seriously, what are those 24,545 little tiny fires?!

When we shared this good news on Facebook, Paul Miller chimed in "Absolutely love this wallet!" and Stuart Bain shared his "BEST WALLET I have ever owned" review on Amazon. It's these personal shout-outs that mean so much more than we can say, which is why Lindsay responded thusly....

Truly, it has been a brilliant week – in the headlines and in our hearts. Thanks, y'all!

Crowd-Funding Campaigns to Throw Your Money At June 24 2015, 0 Comments

FOR SAFETY: Ding Bike Light 
A bike light that also illuminates the cyclist – this is literally brilliant! Called Ding, this Kickstarter can have all our money. Or at least enough for three Dings.

Floating Record Vertical Turntable
That moment you wish you hadn't seen a Kickstarter because you've gotta have it but it's on the pricey side...

FOR SPACE: LightSail
When Bill Nye says back a Kickstarter, we back the Kickstarter.... Plus, we really enjoyed the LightSail crowd-funding video because it's just so nostalgic and awesome watching Bill Nye explain stuff!

FOR FOOD: Lilo Planter
Who wouldn't want fresh herbs, all year round, at your fingertips in the adorable little Lilo. They more than doubled their goal – now Brian just has to decide which capsules he wants.  

FOR FUN: Cat Greeting Cards
Q: How can you resist these cards featuring tubby Pusheen-like cats by a guy named Mark?
A: You cannot.

And last but not least, we just have to mention: Lindsay just filled out the shipping survey for our Zero Waste cap that we mentioned in our last Kickstarter roundup – can't wait to easily access the bottom third of that lotion bottle!

Second Sunday on King Street – Hey, That's Our Street! June 22 2015, 0 Comments

Once a month we step out of our front door for Second Sunday, a pedestrian-only event where King St is closed off to traffic. Restaurants set up tables outside, buskers sing and play live music, and local businesses set up demos and sell wares in the sunshine. In fact, back when Snooze was on Kickstarter, we set up a bedroom scene to help get the word out to locals about our crowd-funding efforts.

For June's Second Sunday, we set up a table for locals to grab last-minute gifts: Wally wallets at a discount for Father's Day, complete with free Dad-approved gift wrapping. We also brought out a trash can for our very first Wally Trade-Up: Give us your old wallet or iPhone case for your choice of a FREE Wally Wallet! 

Since we were set up right in front of the DU studio, Nate treated anyone interested to a guided tour of our air-conditioned live/work space (yep, the office is actually the large living room of Nate's apartment upstairs).

We managed to sneak a stroll down King for a peek at the tiny house – because it's not every day you can walk down the middle of the street and step into a house!

After a long and sweaty day slingin' Wallys on the street, we captured all the unwanted-wallet booty:

It's a beautiful thing. We made a boatload of new friends, and so did Wally.

Leather. Aluminum. Wood. Felt. June 17 2015, 0 Comments

Looks like Wally Case and Wally Skin found themselves in the midst of some handsome company over at Solid2! Check their latest round-up of "Best Cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus" and do your iPhone a solid (get it?)... 

2015 Father's Day Gift Ideas June 16 2015, 0 Comments

It's getting down to the wire for Father's Day gifts, folks. If you're looking for some ideas for Dad, here are some of our favorites this year:

THE FOODIE FATHER: Charleston's favorite butcher, Ted, has a shirt dad will love for just $15, and a Bacon of The Month Club! Subscriptions start at $85 and are sure to please those pork-lovin' Pops out there. 

THE DAPPER DAD: We love the idea of making something for dad. If you're a DIYer and you missed J. Stark's wallet-making workshop at Candlefish, try this classy pocket-square tutorial from Brit + Co. It's a quick and easy gift for a dapper dad.

THE PRANKSTER POP: So your dad's a sharp shooter with a silly side? Check out this rubber band gun from Elastic Precision (and on sale starting at just $19.98 at Huckberry).

THE SWEETEST DAD IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM: You simply can't beat the Flow Hive, which raised over 17,000% of their goal on Indiegogo! That's right, the Father/Son team from Down Under raised over $12-million in funding and start shipping to their backers soon – but you'll have to order yours for next year's Father's Day on the Flow website, starting at $260.

And last but not least, did we mention that Wally is a good Dad's day gift? I mean. We kind of have to mention it – not just because we make 'em, but because our Dads love their Wally wallets and we know yours will, too. Nate's dad uses Wally Case for his iPhone, and Lindsay's dad uses Wally Bifold. Other sites like TrendHunter have put Wally on their Father's Day Gift Guides... We agree – Wallys make great gifts for Dad, and until Father's Day enjoy a 15% discount on all Wallys – so you can pick the perfect present for your particular Pop.

The Future of Your Wallet June 12 2015, 3 Comments

Back when Apple Pay was announced, we quickly hopped on board with the promise of a lighter wallet (or heck, no wallet). And now with Apple Passbook being updated and renamed Apple Wallet to now support retailer and loyalty cards, we're excited to be one step closer to the future of your wallet. While we wait for our favorite stores to accept Apple Pay, there are admittedly still cards we carry with us – which is where "smart" credit cards make us really excited. Minimizing what you carry every day is a passion of ours, which is why we've invented Wally wallets and keep pre-ordering each and every all-your-cards-in-just-one-card "smart" digital credit card.

Comparison of smart digital credit cards - Swyp, Plastc, Coin and Stratos

Each solution offers the same promise of reducing all your credit cards onto one card, but each has their own method, display, and delivery date. One thing they all appear to have in common: They work to pay for your coffee. Take a look at all the ways Wally and a digital credit card are a minimalist-wallet match made in heaven: 

Preorder Coin - Smart Digital Credit Card

Coin - Launched in November of 2013, Coin was ahead of their time – and themselves, apparently, because they're now a full year behind their original projected date. The good news is, just yesterday Brian got word that his Coin shipped! We can't wait to give it a try like these guys did with a beta version. While some pre-orders are currently shipping, new orders are pre-orders only for $100.

Preorder your Plastc Card for $20 off
- While waiting patiently for Coin last year, Plastc came onto the scene in 2014. This digital card is Lindsay's favorite, with the touch e-ink display. We shook hands with these guys at CES in Las Vegas, and noticed the CEO Marc was carrying his business cards in a Wally Sleeve. We had a moment. Claiming to ship in "Summer 2015" (which in Charleston it feels summer is already upon us), you can pre-order one for $155 or take $20 off here.

"I will utilize Apple Pay because it’s simple and easy, but there are so many use cases in our world where I’m still going to need a physical card. There are so many things that point-of-sale machines just aren’t ready for yet." – Ryan Marquis, Plastc COO

Stratos smart card membership program
- In the meantime, in March 2015 newcomer Stratos appeared on the scene AND started shipping the next month. Its included annual upgrades and the unique tap-to-interact are what differentiate this card from the rest. It's first come first served, with a "membership" cost of $95. We loved reading this hands-on with Stratos, and writer David sums up his experience well:

"There are a thousand upsides to a card like Stratos, even beyond finally ditching your gigantic George Costanza wallet. The story’s much bigger than slimming your wallet: It’s about making paying for things easier, more efficient, and more customer-friendly. Even if it does confuse a few bartenders in the process." –David Pierce, Wired

Swyp smart digital credit card
– And then there's this guy. Hop on the waitlist for Batch 2 – and note that Batch 1 is expected to ship in Fall 2015. What differentiates this "smart" card is that Swyp will "learn" which card you'd like to use based on your past purchasing habits. I imagine this will be helpful since scrolling through a tiny digital screen might take too long when all you want to do is buy your coffee.

New Pinboards! June 11 2015, 0 Comments

Over on the Distil Union Pinterest, Nate and I have been busy pinning all kinds of stuff we love! Most recently:

  •  OFFICE NOMS Ideas for making quick and easy meals and snacks at the office
  •  A LIFE OUTSIDE THE OFFICE What we're up to (and wish we were up to) when we're not working
  •  LIVING MINIMALLY From tiny houses to minimalist designs to inspire you to simplify

Wally Case Gets 5 Stars in the AppleWorld.Today Hands-On Review June 09 2015, 0 Comments

We couldn't wait until Feature Friday to highlight this glowing review for Wally: Along with 5-out-of-5 stars, Steve Sande over at AppleWorld.Today had nothing but great things to say about our latest and greatest Wally Case –
"As a person who has been accused many times of having a thick wallet, I know I can't fit everything into the Wally. But for situations where I don't want to carry a wallet and just need ID, a credit card, and some cash, it's perfect. It's really the perfect companion for Apple Pay where you don't really need all that many cards with you. I know I will continue to use the case as my primary iPhone 6 Plus case for as long as I have the phone." – Steve Sande, AppleWorld.Today
This is actually the most popular way people are telling us they use Wally Case: not as a wallet replacement, but as an easy way to simplify what they need to grab and go for that quick trip to the store, a fun night out, or on a trip where you only need the essentials. The less we need to carry, the lighter the load – and even better if no one can tell that your iPhone is also your wallet. With the announcement of Apple Passbook becoming Apple Wallet, we suspect more and more of you will be able to make the lighter leap from your thick wallets to simply a Wally Case. 

Even Merry, one of his most excellent Apple-lovin' cats, gave Wally his paw-print of approval... Which is an honor in itself, because clearly he's one tough kitty who's not easy to please:

Those of you in-the-know remember Steve Sande from TUAW, or The Unofficial Apple Weblog – and you know this guy is a rockstar in the Apple world. So be sure to check out Steve and his team at their new all-things-Apple hub, AppleWorld.Today for the most up-to-date and insightful Apple news. Oh yeah, and Caturday posts!

Meet the Men Behind DU Father’s Day This Year June 05 2015, 1 Comment

To help visualize the DU Father's Day wallet-sale this year, I searched my scanned family-album archives and found this gem: my dad John and his father Asa in 1972, sharing their catch after a day on Lake Murray – which must've been a good one to justify documenting on two different cameras! 

This is the same brick patio where, many years later, I'd enjoy one of my favorite family feasts: fresh fried fish, hushpuppies and peach ice cream (made all day in the hand-crank ice cream churn, with peaches from Grandaddy's garden).

My Dad is a big Wally fan, and in fact his tinkering with the Bifold ultimately resulted in the Wally Duo. And you know what, I bet Grandaddy would appreciate the Wally; he was always surprising us and playing tricks on us kids, and I imagine the playful surprise of the pull-tab would make him smile and give me a "good job, Sugardiddle!"  

And so it follows, we're having a sale on all our Wally wallets because dads love wallets, and we're grateful for dads! And while we don't need an invented holiday to tell 'em we love 'em, Father's Day is a good enough excuse to do so.

What Wally Do You Want Next? May 29 2015, 3 Comments

We unabashedly love our Wallys. He's made it easy to ditch our thick wallets – and even purses (hooray for dresses with pockets!). Whether you use a Bifold, Case or Stick-On Skin, it's the patent-pending design with pull-tab that keeps Wally thin and gives you easy access to your cards. It's an old school pop-up book mechanism put to a modern use – functional fun for the kid inside us all. And it means the world to us when others find Wally as useful as we do:

Business Insider named Wally Bifold in their roundup of Dapper Wallets to Polish Off Your Outfit
iGeeksBlog featured Wally Case as one of the Best iPhone 6/6 Plus Wallet Cases
Will Oremus at Slate said his Wally Bifold "just might be the perfect men’s wallet for the digital age... the slimmest, most practical wallet you'll find." High five, Will!

Now honestly, we didn't set out to be a wallet company – we set out to solve problems. And we're ever so grateful for the high praise! And with a range of Wallys that goes from
 smartphone stick-ons to coin-carrying slim billfolds, we still can't help but wonder....

If Wally had a new sibling, what would that be? Another Wally offering that helps you better carry the daily essentials (and only the essentials) for the day's adventures... Perhaps something bigger, like a backpack. Or heck, a reimagination of the fanny pack since Jared Leto has confirmed that yesfanny packs are back. We're always coming up with ideas, but we want to hear if you think there's something we just absolutely have to make next – maybe it's simply a Sleeve in your favorite color, or maybe it's not even Wally related at all!

Comment below with your suggestions, or on our Facebook or Twitter. We've already put fanny pack out there, clearly we're not afraid, so LET US HAVE IT! We want to hear your product requests... GO! 

Feature Friday | Bifolds are for Fathers! May 22 2015, 0 Comments

This week in our inbox we were thrilled to see Wally Bifold featured in the Brit + Co Father's Day Gift Guide alongside cute cards, DIY kits and more. So many awesome gift ideas!

Wally Bifold was also recently named among Business Insider's Top "Dapper Wallet" picks. And not just that – Wally Bifold made the list on TrendHunter and GetDatGadget, too! So whether he'd rock the classic wallet or one for his iPhone or other smartphone, there's a Wally for every Dad out there, including yours.

Tell Dwell: What's your favorite way to celebrate the outdoors? May 19 2015, 0 Comments

Spring has given way to Summer here in Charleston, and we've already been enjoying some quality porch-sitting here on our studio's tiny 3rd-floor patio. After a particularly crazy day a couple of weeks ago, we relaxed over a cold one and a quiet moment with the latest issue of Dwell at the time – 

We really soaked up the 'How to Make It in America' article (cue Charles Bradley sweating it out live on KEXP), which featured these adorable Geo Stands by Rachel and Andrew at Yield Design Co. The Retail Therapy segment shared picks from Erin and Kerry of the amazing Charleston shop The Commons. And boy was it was exciting to see the beautiful spread showcasing thetranquil NC home of our friends The Clarks – that porch!

Well, the new issue of Dwell is out today – and we're part of the #DwellOutdoor party celebrating the things we love most about the outdoors. It's a bit of a #latergram, but we submitted our favorite things from that fresh-air session: Barefeet and the Bertoia Chair that Lindsay found at a county surplus sale (2 for $10 if you can believe it)! To be totally honest, our favorite way to celebrate the outdoors is with a view of the ocean... 

What a friendly drone! May 15 2015, 0 Comments

Bill Nye has launched a Kickstarter! May 15 2015, 0 Comments

theverge: Bill Nye has launched a Kickstarter to fund the LightSail solar spacecraft.

(And well, of course we backed Bill Nye….)

May is Bike Month! Here's How DU Rolls All Year Long May 14 2015, 0 Comments

While May is officially Bike Month, for us at Distil Union, every day is bike day. We each live in downtown Charleston, which is only about 2 square miles in size, and our studio at King and George is pretty much smack in the middle of town. For the most part, here it's not just easy to get around on your bike – it's often better than driving a car. A slower pace and the breeze in your face... So in celebration of Bike Month, we thought it'd be nice to share with you our rides and a few DU bike facts:

When we joined together to launch Distil Union in 2011, Nate lived just north of the city in Park Circle. When we found a big live/work space on King St, it gave him the perfect excuse to live downtown again and upgrade his on-occasion bike to one he really liked the look of. A search for "white bike" on Craigslist was all it took; that same day he had this tall drink of water. Best improvement? The Little Lifter by Walnut Studio that makes it easier to tote up and down the long studio stairs.

Favorite cycling route "I like taking the straight shot down King Street to the Battery, then winding my way back on random streets."
Longest ride 26 miles in Park City, Utah. (Note: not on the above bike, which Lindsay calls The Stormtrooper)

About nine years ago, Lindsay found this bike in her neighbor's trash (it's not weird, Charleston has astoundingly good trash). Christened "Winnie Cooper" after the dream girl of The Wonder Years, this mid-century dutch bike was made in Austria by Sears. Lindsay's been making improvements to Winnie over the years – first was new brake lines, white-wall tires and a basket, then cork grips and a standing kickstand, a Brooks saddle, a second basket...

Next bike improvement Gropes to replace my grungy cork grips (thanks for the tip, Brian!)
Longest ride "16 miles round trip to the Coast Brewery with Nate for the Pint Pedal – but I'd like to try biking to Sullivan's Island someday – if Winnie's up for it."

This is Brian's third bike since moving to Charleston in 2009. He was enjoying accumulating parts to build his own bike when his brother shared with him this beauty in Columbia. Easy button! It's a fixed gear – "not because of the ideology," he says, but because "the wheels are for track riding, so it's a solid, quiet ride around the neighborhood." Lindsay has not yet come up with a name for this copper penny-colored bike, but is strongly considering Lincoln.

Next bike improvement "I love that the frame color matches my wheels, I'm addicted to buying wheel sets..."
Favorite ride "Through my neighborhood. Anywhere really – biking's a really nice way to explore Charleston."

So, are you in the two-wheel club? Is it how you get to work? What do you love most about cycling – and what could your city do better for cyclists? If you're not already involved with an advocacy group like Charleston Moves in your town, why not reach out today to some like-minded pedal pushers to bring us one pair o' pedals closer to safer streets for everyone.

Delicious sips and dinner in St. Augustine May 10 2015, 0 Comments

If you're in town, check out The Ice Plant for a cocktail with perfectly customized ice. 

Today’s spontaneous stop-over in St. Augustine May 10 2015, 0 Comments

Said hi to Andrew and Rachel at Yield Design Co's new space (hashtag: inspiration!) 

A Lighter Load | The Reluctant Joy of Being Un-Connected May 08 2015, 0 Comments

This Wednesday we ventured out of the studio to the USS Yorktown for the Rise of the Rest stop here in Charleston, SC. The tour is being "driven" by Steve Case of AOL fame, which got us thinking about The Internet (capital T, capital I) and its impact on our daily lives, particularly as small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

Did you know that in 2014 there were more than 600 million websites, and in September of last year we hit 1 billion?! A year ago, the average working person received 120 emails per day. People spend more time on Facebook than they do on their pets – a statistic that shocked us, and made us grateful for our studio cats who jump in our laps for a cuddle when they (and we) need it. Here's Louie on Lindsay's lap, purring his way through the day:

Getting out from in front of our computers for the day was a total treat, though we were still tethered to the rest of the world thanks to our iPhones. We cheered on the local businesses who pitched for the Rise of the Rest $100,000 check. We connected with folks over cold beers and a sunny view of the Charleston harbor. We headed back to the studio for an evening playing catch-up with what was happening while we were "away." 

As we worked and reflected on the day, we watched our studio kittens snuggle and play and not have thumbs for texting, and we wondered – Could we go a full day, week, or even month without firing up the computer, checking our phones, or just having something beep, chirp or vibrate at us? It's hard to imagine. Frankly, it's terrifying, even though there was a time not that long ago when we had no idea what a text message was, and businesses of all sizes were built without websites or iPhones... 

When is the last time you were completely and totally un-connectedWhat would happen if you stepped away from your tech? As Sherry Turkle wonders in her TED Talk, with exponential advancements in technology, are we better connected? What is it that we're connected to exactly, and what are we sacrificing?

“What technology makes easy is not always what nurtures the human spirit.” — Sherry Turkle

We at Distil Union are with you in the desire for a simpler, less distracting environment. Having the space and the oxygen to focus on something – or nothing in particular. A chance to reflect, to breathe, to smile, to look around and be happy – which could very well be the source of greater success anyway! Hopefully, you find DU products are designed to help you simplify things a bit, and not just what's in your pocket. By making it easy to carry less, Wally's meant to take you one small step closer to making life a little lighter.


Today’s the last day to save 25% on a Wally for your Mom! May 06 2015, 0 Comments

Sale ends tonight at midnight EST⌛️ 

Visit Distil Union's profile on Pinterest.